The Benefits Of Quitting Smoking – Reasons To Stop Today

The benefits of quitting smoking are many. For starters, the negative health effects brought about by nicotine withdrawal, when you quit smoking, will be reduced dramatically, as will the discomfort of constant coughing, chest irritation, and other side effects of long-term cigarette use. Smokers also have a higher chance to live longer than non-smokers due to the reduced risk of cancers and heart attacks brought about by lower rates of blood clots. These and a lot more. So, it’s really a no-brainer if you want to quit smoking, it’s very beneficial. But before you can get started, here are some things you need to know about the benefits of quitting smoking.

As you may already know, one of the biggest benefits of not smoking is that of saving your own lungs from the damage caused by cigarette smoke. Because smoking is a highly addictive habit, your lungs will suffer the consequences of not being able to function properly due to the high concentration of nicotine in your bloodstream. Over time this can lead to tissue damage around the lungs and increase the risk of acquiring pneumonia and emphysema. Lung damage can be prevented if you quit. There is also a wide range of respiratory diseases that can be avoided.
Smoking can also cause a wide array of diseases including mouth cancer, throat cancer, heart attack, stroke, and many more. This is because as you smoke your body will produce more free radicals which can be harmful to your system. Other than that, tobacco smoke is also toxic to the skin. When you rub your teeth with tobacco saliva, you are unknowingly pouring poisons into your body. In the worst-case scenario, you can develop skin cancer.

Aside from the direct health benefits of quitting smoking, the psychological benefits are many. Since you’ll be able to forget about cigarettes for good, you will experience a boost in your self-confidence. You’ll become a happier person and will be more outgoing. Your social life will drastically improve and you will be able to interact better with other people.
If you were to go through all these benefits of quitting smoking, it will surely make you want to quit even if you haven’t been able to light a cigarette in so long. So what are you waiting for? Quitting is a must for you and for those you love. Click the link below to start your plan right away.

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