Technology: A boon or bane?

“Is Technology a blessing or a bane?” not an easy problem to solve. It is a topic with many complexities, which are behind the scope of this review. 

The fact is technology has given to essential changes in areas of medication, information, travel, human living, education. It has also continued to global warming, nuclear stockpiles, the business of human life.

 We are a few years away from robots who can manage people and affected data, so let’s not even go there first. When you say, technology is controlling your life; in a sense, you are providing it to develop so. 

As a human being, you have a mind, to learn what’s wrong, what’s not, when to stop, and when to get off. If you are incompetent of using that mind, you don’t have any right to examine others for it. People regret that technology makes one lazy and fat.

 Sorry, it’s not technology that’s at blame here, it’s you. If you have grown a couch root, that is your decision. You had the choice of turning off the remote control; you did not. You don’t have any power to crib about it. You find that you are incapable of walking even for a short way because you become so used to getting out your car even for a short-range, who is a responsibility.

 No one set a gun to your head and ordered you to drive the car even for a short way, you did. When you enable technology to enhance a master, in conclusion, your engaging your life goes for a toss. Sadly, that’s what is occurring today, where people are becoming addicted to technology, that they are incapable of doing even a small task.

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