Skin Pigmentation? Here’s How You Can Treat Through Ayurveda


Skin Pigmentation Treatment: While talking about the solutions for hyperpigmentation you must know about an antioxidant that is melanin which is secreted in our skin. Melanin is a great antioxidant that comes to the rescue of our skin when exposed to UV rays. UVB rays start tanning our skin right from our school days. Tanning is the deposition of melanin pigment due to Sun exposure but you never tan evenly. The facial skin is thinner than the body skin but the part of the skin that is dry & dehydrated tans easily. Melanin being a great rescuer, gets created in great quantity in the dehydrated areas and till you completely rehydrate that area, the stubborn melanin does not leave that area. How responsible! For those who do not moisturize and protect the skin with physical mineral sunscreen from childhood, their epidermal tanning turns to dermal tanning with regular normal exposure to Sun. UVA penetrates deeper into the dermal layer. This epidermal and dermal tanning gradually turns to epidermal and dermal hyperpigmentation.Also Read – Government Jobs: UPSC Invites Applications For Posts Of Prosecutor, Asst Professor And Others; Last Date 13 October

Other causes of pigmentation are inflammation, pregnancy, age, use of skin-thinning ointments to cure hyperpigmentation is a harmful management and not the solution. Disrupting the pH of our skin by implementing home remedies, bleach, and overuse of face wash. Skin which suffers from acne for a long time mostly suffers from hyperpigmentation as an after-effect as acne is an inflammation-causing problem. Never manage acne problems by applying and consuming antibiotics. Solve it in the herbal ayurvedic way immediately. Also Read – Skin Pigmentation Treatment: Expert Recommends 6 Easy Ways to Fix This Common Problem

Skin Pigmentation? These herbal solutions are the most effective solutions if followed the Ayurvedic way

  • Balanced topical ongoing applications of:
  1. Bakuchi oil
  2. Liquorice
  3. Majuphal
  4. Arbutin-berry extract
  5. Collagen-making components
  6. Vitamin C
  7. Zinc
  8. vitamin A from phyto sources
  9. HA peptides
  10. AHAs and BHAs
  • The root of Liquorice-Mulethi is helpful for UVB protection and moisturising skin.
  • Sandal aka Chandan Wood, an anti-oxidant that has soothing as well as skin-whitening properties.

So this is the miracle of herbal and Ayurvedic solutions if you follow all the do’s and don’ts mentioned above. The solution lies in all the precautions and cures in nature as we are made by nature. Also Read – Sinus Infection Home Remedies: 5 Powerful Desi Nuskhe to Cure Sinusitis

(Inputs from Medha Singh, Herbal Beauty Expert & Founder of Juvena Herbals)


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