Sharing Smiles As Bright As Diwali


Diwali is one of the most prominent Indian festivals, celebrated with great enthusiasm and grandeur worldwide. The Indian culture has been flourishing across the world map as Indians work globally, and even the culture has been making its way to other countries. Diwali is one such part of Indian culture that is celebrated across the world.

Diwali marks the rich legacy of the Indian King of Ayodhya, Lord Rama who went into exile for 14 years at his parent’s appeal. His younger brother Lakshman and wife Sita accompanied him. When he returned to his kingdom, diyas or earthen small bowl-like lamps lit the whole kingdom. The auspicious day of the return of Lord Rama, Lakshman and Sita is referred to as Diwali or the Festival of lights. As symbolic of its name, it stands for bringing light into the world and others’ lives. The day is to celebrate joy-giving, happiness and gratitude.

Many companies across the globe keep games and celebrations for employees and expats to make them feel at home and not miss their homeland. But some companies go the extra mile to ensure each one around them whether employees or expats feels at home and special, which is what happened during Diwali with the Brand Forever 52. Forever 52 is a Dubai-based brand with a global footprint, and the Brand offers good quality makeup and skincare range for different regions at affordable prices.

But being a global brand that encompasses a multicultural workforce, Brand Forever 52 went the extra mile for the employees and expats. With the help of the NGO Magical Smile Volunteering Team UAE, the company arranged a gift distribution drive for its employees and expats in Dubai. There were many volunteers from Smiles that helped in the gift distribution. Small kids welcomed the employees and expats in the distribution ceremony and distributed gifts as well. Over 600 employees and expats were handed over Diwali gifts by the company on Diwali to make them feel at home. Not only the Indian community but as gifts were distributed to other Asian communities as well.

With the activity, the Brand has touched chords with the Indian community and made its mark on the global workforce map. Brand Forever believes that happy people ensure a growing brand. A brand is never complete and successful without happy employees and customers, and we want to ensure that each of us, regardless of our origin, caste, or creed, is happy and feels welcomed. Its is not just about being in good books, it about giving it back to the society.

Forever 52 quoted, “Every employee should be happy and welcomed with us. Staying away from home at festivals is tough, and we wish to make each of our employees and people around us feel at home. We wish all the faces smile as bright as the lights on Diwali. Society has given us a chance to offer something, but now it’s our turn. We look forward to having more great moments with our team. And not to miss the efforts of the Magical Smile Volunteering Team, without whom we couldn’t have been able to complete this tedious task.”

With Brands like Brand Forever welcoming Indian festivals it is evident that the world is becoming one big family. 


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