Pfizer Inc: Pfizer suspends sale & use of some popular products in India due to technical issues


Pfizer Ltd, the Indian unit of US drug maker Pfizer Inc has suspended sale and use of its popular products used for bacterial infections in India as a result of certain technical issues faced by the contract manufacturing site.

In a letter written to stockists, distributors and hospitals across India, Pfizer has asked for temporary suspension of sale and distribution of Magzex, Zosyn, Magnamycin injections and Magnex forte supplies with immediate effect.

The move follows an information from the Vadodara based manufacturer -Astral Steritech Private Limited, which told Pfizer of certain deviations observed at their manufacturing facility when the products were manufactured.

It said that the manufacturer is currently investigating the matter. “They have requested Pfizer as an abundant precautionary measure and as per the best practices to temporarily suspend the sale, distribution and supply and use of the products, pending the investigation by the manufacturer,” it has said in its letter.

It has asked the stockists to not undertake any further sale, distribution or use of the products till further notice from Pfizer.

Pfizer is taking “all reasonable efforts” to resolve the matter at the earliest, it said.

“Pfizer places the utmost emphasis on patient safety and product quality at every step in the manufacturing and supply chain process. Out of an abundance of caution, and following a request by our local contract manufacturer, Pfizer has currently placed a voluntary stop on further sale and use of its products Magnex, Magnamycin and Zosyn in India as a result of certain technical issues brought to our attention by the contract manufacturing site in India. The matter is being investigated by the manufacturer and Pfizer will take any further actions if so required,” the company told ET.


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