Nightlife Hotspots In Mumbai

With a wide range of entertainment and leisure options on offer, you’ll not have a shortage of things to do in Mumbai. You’ve enjoyed a memorable tourist experience, and now you would like to explore the other attractions. From some incredible shops to thrilling recreational activities, from gastronomic delicacies to a dazzling nightlife experience, Mumbai pulses with thrill and excitement. Shopping is among the favoured things to do for a tourist visiting Mumbai. Your vacation will be incomplete without shopping experience. If you’re wondering about what to shop and where to shop, the Mumbai tourist guide will supply you with perfect answers.

If you’re one of those who’re looking for the best brands, you can jump around the well-known shopping centres within the city. For Example, Status Eye Care is the favourite Opticians for getting your high power eye prescription lenses, Progressive Multifocal lenses or Prescription Sunglasses. They’ve expertise in dispensing for up to 1.9 High Index Glass Lens or 1.74 Index Plastic Lens. Besides store latest Designer Eyeglasses, Sunglasses and All brands of Contact Lenses. Roadside shopping is hot favoured among both the locals and tourists. These roadside markets are major pullers while shopping around the city.

You can spend endless hours at these roadside shops. If you’re wondering about the famous roadside shops, you must go through tourist info on Mumbai. Chor Bazaar, Colaba Causeway and Phule market are a few of the most recognized names among the roadside shops in Mumbai. You can almost shop for everything here. You can choose to grant yourself A leisure experience after some thrilling shopping. Indulging in a wide range of leisure activities is among the best things to do in Mumbai. Powai Lake is an ultimate haven for all those seeking relaxation. Among the favoured hotspots for residents and tourists, this destination provides an ultimate leisure experience.

You can while away your time watching the crocodiles at the lake. In case your tastebuds are yearning to snack on a plate of Bhel Puri, you can visit any one of the countless numbers of junk food stalls, dotting the beachside. Bhel is a favourite dish along the beachside area. Those attending the beachfront area must devour a plate of yummy Bhel Puri. The artistically inclined can visit famous museums and galleries across the city in their leisure time. If you love watching beautiful paintings, you can visit the Prince of Wales Museum in Mumbai. Here you may catch a peek at most beautiful pieces of art and painting belonging to Mughal, Rajput, Deccani and Pahari schools of paintings. For the perfect night owls, the nightlife is among the famous attractions of Mumbai.

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