Mobile App Designed for India’s Border Road Developers

If you are living in the border areas, then you must be delighted to know that a mobile phone application has been launched benefitting thousands of personnel staying in country’s remote areas to help develop and maintain the robust infrastructure that borders the nation.

Lieutenant General Harpal Singh, Director General Border Roads has unveiled the mobile application by the name of “Gref Abhilekh”.

The Indian Army Spokesperson in a press statement clearly affirmed that this app is going to provide immense benefits to the 36,000 General Reserve Engineer Force (GREF) personnel serving in remote border areas of our country where infrastructure and mode of transport are difficult riddles to solve.

The app is compatible with all Android /Window/ioS based mobile phones and programmed to provide real-time personnel and career management information to all serving GREF personnel.

Each and every GREF personnel will be granted access to critical information involving personal details, family details, service details, probation or confirmation details and honours, awards and medals they have won.

Besides the app is also stuffed with information related to promotions and lists of senior employers within the workforce. The personnel can also download pay slips and submit grievances through the app.

The Director-General of Border Roads who unveiled the app publicly at GREF Centre and Records in Pune expressed his satisfaction on how the centre had developed the IT roadmap for the organisation. The Government has shifted their focus to developing such an avant-garde app that will not only enhance functional efficiency but also bring transparency in the overall system. This is an act that is supposed to boost the morale of the troops.

With the embracement of technology and advanced procedures of operations, the Border Roads Organisation is all destined to hold on to its position of the nation’s most reputed, multifaceted and modern construction organisation. The organisation is on the way of prospering more with the adoption of new technologies as a part of the modern-day initiatives of Indian Government.

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