Mangoes, swimming & green farms: Indian summer 2023 in pictures


Relishing mangoes, swimming with friends and vacationing in lush green farms, Summers in India is truly picture-perfect. Check out a picture story from photographers’ lens.

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(Pic: SS Vijay Babu / BCCL)

DIP IN: Boys swimming in the Krishna River banks at Bhavanipuram, Vijayawada during sunset hours to cool off the summer heat.

Indian summer

SUNNY SIDE UP: Cousins become best friends during school vacations. Kids have some innocent fun outdoors during holidays in their hometown.

green field

GREEN FODDER: A farmer collects green grass freshly cut for feeding cows from a field in the outskirts of Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

clay coolAFP

(Photo by Sam Panthaky / AFP)

CLAY COOL: A potter makes clay pots, which are popularly used to store drinking water during the summer season, at a village on the outskirts of Ahmedabad.

Exam Heat

EXAM HEAT: Students wait at a bus station and share a dupatta as the mercury levels increase during daytime in Hyderabad.

melon cooler

MANGO MANIA: Fruit lovers select mango at a hand In Indore. Mangoes from the South of India reach Indore during March-April and everyone relishes the iron rich King of Fruits.

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(Pic: Sanjay Hadkar / BCCL)

YOUTH FUN: The youth enjoy different ways of cooling off from scorching heat at Dadar Chowpatty in Mumbai. A girl does a cart-wheel with much enthusiasm by the waves of the Arabian Sea.


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