Maharashtra announces telecommunication infrastructure policy to facilitate 5G rollout


The Maharashtra cabinet on Thursday announced a telecommunications infrastructure policy to facilitate the rollout of 5G technology in the state which will be applicable to both underground and overground optical fiber cables.

The Provisions of Indian Telegraph Right of Way Rules as well as Government of India Guidelines of 2013 will be applicable to the mobile towers which would be erected on private buildings and lands.

According to officials, for telecommunication towers to be erected anywhere in a private building or apartment, the architect and telecommunication service provider and infrastructure construction organization shall certify that such installation will not adversely affect the provisions of Development Control Regulations (DCR) relating to fire safety, parking and movement of persons.

The official said that the provisions would be in addition to the requirements of the Indian Telegraph Right of Way Rules regarding installation of mobile towers on private property. For this the licensee has to submit a copy of the certificate obtained from the structural engineer authorized by the competent authorities.

Completion of documents will be required as per Unified Development Control Regulations (UDC&PR) in force for the time being for Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation.

For public buildings, the competent authority shall ensure the above fire safety, movement of vehicles and persons and structural safety. Emission limits prescribed by the Department of Telecom will be strictly followed. If the competent authority deems the violation by the licensee to be in violation for any reason other than electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, the same shall be dealt with by issuing a notice to the licensee, the official said.

“It is being made mandatory for all the competent authorities in the state to use the Maha Sanchar portal for the processing of mobile tower construction permission and right of way permission applications,” the official added.


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