Key takeaways from PM. Narendra Modi’s speech Addressing the Coronavirus spread

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation, talking about the spread of the novel pandemic Coronavirus. India is very close to its fourth week of getting the virus, that is, the period where we can finally determine whether a country is well equipped to fight the disease or not. In a timely action to curb anxiety among the masses and bring the country to a concensus, the PM officially called upon the masses at 8 pm. These were the highlights from his speech:

  • People are requested to strictly stay in their homes and not step out. This would be ensured by bringing in place a lockdown for the next 21 days, that is, an official isolation mode for all countrymen till the 14th of April, starting from the midnight of 24th March.
  • India is at the stage where we are determining the impact of the virus on our country and measures to control it. Thus, it is absolutely necessary to comply now.
  • There will definitely be a drastic effect on the economy but the priority right now is lives of Indians. The government is taking measures to ensure an endless supply of commodities.
  • All commercial and private establishments have to remain shut except for the absolutely essential, which are: shops dealing with all kinds of food though home delivery is encouraged; banks, insurance offices and ATMs; print and electronic media; telecommunications, internet services, broadcasting and cable services, IT and IT-enabled services; delivery of all essential goods through e-commerce; petrol pumps, LPG, petrol and gas retail, storage outlets; power generation, transmission and distribution units and services; capital and debt market services as notified by the securities and exchange board of India. 
  • People are rapidly consuming international news about how the pandemic is bringing even the most empowered nations to its knees. It is not that these nations lack resources or are not making efforts. It is just that the virus is spreading very fast.
  • From what these two months have taught us, social distancing is the key to combatting this disease. Stay confined to your homes so that we can break this cycle of infection.
  • It took 67 days for the first one lakh people to get infected, then 11 days for that count to reach two lakh and then only 4 days for it to reach three lakh. 
  • The centre has put in a provision of Rs. 15,000 crores for treating coronavirus patients and strenghtening medical infrastructure in the country.

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