Jio Launches ‘Kumbh Jio Phone’ for Pilgrims

JioPhone is all set to unveil a unique avatar of smartphone especially designed for the devotees going to attend the Kumbh festival in Prayagraj(former-Allahabad). Kumbh is known to be the largest human gathering in the world which witnesses more than 130 million people taking a holy dip in Ganga over a span of 8 weeks.

Now, the telecom giant, Jio, owned by Mukesh Amban is planning to elevate the spiritual experience of the pilgrims by gifting them a ‘Kumbh-specific JioPhone’.

Here are some key aspects you might be interested in knowing about Kumbh Jio Phone

Advanced Features

Kumbh JioPhone is featured to provide assistance to pilgrims.The ‘Kumbh JioPhone’ is the same JioPhone model, but it is further equipped with functionalities to aid pilgrims attending Kumbh. The phone would offer a bunch of features and promises to come up with a series of updates for the holy carnival.

Devotees can utilize the device for procuring information on Kumbh and learn about the possible commutation modes for this congregation. JioPhone would give you a detailed picture of the bus and train schedules. Furthermore, it would provide you with information about accommodation options, maps and routes, and emergency helpline numbers. Surprisingly, the phone is destined to offer bath schedules to pilgrims.

Apart from providing information on this holy event, the ‘Kumbh JioPhone’ would be offering pre-published timings for bath and religious ceremonies, helping the devotees in planning their tour accordingly.

Another important feature of this phone is its ability to counter the problem of Family Location. This advanced feature would allow the pilgrims to keep an eye on the exact location of family members. This would help the people to proceed in groups without the chance of getting lost. Kumbh is a huge gathering where people often forget their path and get detached from their respective families. Seeing this intractable problem for the commoners, the Kumbh JioPhone comes packed with a ‘Lost & Found’ feature for keeping people together although it is still not clear how this function would work.

Ancillary Features

In addition to the conventional features, the phone is boosted with devotional content, news updates, and games. The devotional material for the pilgrims mainly includes videos, audios about this holy festival. The phone would also feature ‘Kumbh Darshan’ for telecasting videos of events and ‘Kumbh Radio’ for telecasting chants. As a user, you will also be updated with news on whatever events occurring in and around Kumbh. It would even entertain you with a suite of gaming apps and quizzing apps on Kumbh.

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