Is the Google Pixel model as good as everyone says it is or just plainly overhyped?

Ever since the Google Pixel has entered the market, it has taken over by a storm. Comparisons are being drawn to the iPhone and how there might finally be a phone which can give competition to Apple. Although a big hit abroad, people in India are only finally beginning to warm up to this phone, with a lot of us still wondering whether it is a good investment. With this article, we look over five key aspects which consumers consider before purchase of a phone and give you reviews of whether Google Pixel is actually worth it. Do keep in mind that these views are keeping in mind the latest phone model, that is the Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL.

  1. Camera quality

What made the Google Pixel so noteworthy is the camera, which is said to be as proficient as a DSLR. Let’s just say that people are not entirely wrong when they say that. The Google Pixel has the best camera across all Android models and has consistently gotten better with each new launch. The camera app also provides more utility than before, with a live HDR+ view of what your photo will actually look like, quick share options, a quick settings panel, and super-useful brightness sliders. There is a feature called the Night Sight which helps to take detailed pictures even in the dark. The zoom feature is done very well, avoiding any sort of graininess. The most recent update in the front facing camera seems to be more of a downgrade, for vloggers specifically, due to their removal of the autofocus. Apart from that slight inconvenience, it would be safe to say that Pixel still has one of the best cameras out there.

  1. Screen design

The hardware of a Pixel phone is said to be simple and minimalistic. There is no new groundbreaking innovative technology or anything exciting, but it is straightforward and efficient, making it easy to use if you’re new to Android or phones in general. There is attention to detail and it both feels and looks good. The matte finish gives an impressive touch. Even though this one is not bad, there are better displays out there. The touch response and the speakers give no complaints.

  1. Software performance and features

The Pixel 4 includes new on-device AI processing for speech-to-text, which enables live captioning of any audio on your phone, speech-to-text transcription in the Recorder app, and incredibly fast Google Assistant responses. With Live Caption turned on, the phone intercepts any audio that would come out of the speakers and does real-time speech-to-text into a caption box on the screen. If you don’t want to use this feature, there is another called the Recorder which works like a basic audio recorder except that it also converts everything that is going on around into text. Another new feature is the Motion Sense which allows you to carry out commands by making touchless gestures over the screen. Google Assistant is also one of the most efficient ones there is. The software is usually smooth and consistent although some tech experts say that it tends to give glitches after a period of time, like many other softwares.

  1. Battery life

The saddest part about a Pixel phone though, is that it has poor battery life. Users have consistently complained about the low performance on this end yet there hasn’t been improvement. It struggles to last for an entire day even if the usage is normal. It is difficult to imagine how much it’ll last if the usage duration would increase due to hotspotting or doing more than just basic phone activities.

  1. Price

The price of Pixel phones has decreased over time to make it accessible to a larger audience. It is more expensive than a Samsung phone but still cheaper than an iPhone. For the services it provides, the amount you pay is usually worth it. Nothing exorbitant about it, but this one doesn’t come extremely pocket friendly either.

On a bottom line, Google Pixel is an amazing phone despite its few shortcomings. We still wouldn’t call it the best in the market though, considering all smartphones these days provide tough competition. It is not overrated, but also not the most superb thing out there like it is often claimed to be. If you want to buy a phone for its camera, go for it. If low battery bothers you, this might not be the best option. If you considered buying this phone, don’t fret; it is a very good choice!

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