Is Sri Lanka’s Hambantota getting South Asia’s first Disneyland?


Is Sri Lanka’s Hambantota getting South Asia's first Disneyland?

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Sri Lanka’s economic crisis is no surprise to all, but times are changing for the island nation and good news is in line. In what looks like a great development for the island nation, the island nation’s famous Hambantota might soon have South Asia’s very first Disneyland.

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Is Sri Lanka’s Hambantota getting South Asia's first Disneyland?

A team from Disneyland will be visiting Hambantota to discuss setting up South Asia’s first Disneyland. Also, Diana Gamage, State Tourism Minister, Sri Lanka, is gearing up to discuss the USD 18 billion investment plans with the entertainment giant Disney.

This development has come after Sri Lanka won the hosting rights for Miss Tourism World – International Finale 2022 to be held from December 8 to 21. Coincidentally, this year is also Miss Tourism World’s 75th anniversary.

The setting up of a Disneyland and hosting the Miss Tourism World’s Finale is seen as a huge boost to Sri Lanka’s tourism sector.

The world already knows that the island nation’s biggest source of income is the tourism industry. Reviving it is the need of the hour.

Is Sri Lanka’s Hambantota getting South Asia's first Disneyland?

Why Hambantota?

The port town of Hambantota in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka is the second major urban hub in Sri Lanka after the capital city of Colombo. Apart from being a bustling port town and a famous cricket destination, Hambantota is also culturally and naturally rich. The port city is home to the famous Yala National Park – the largest national park in Sri Lanka, and has well-known Buddhist temples and stupas. They make for a great Buddhist circuit.

  1. Is it safe to travel visit Sri Lanka?
    You can visit Sri Lanka but do exercise caution. Despite the civil unrest, the island nation is still welcoming visitors.
  2. Is Sri Lanka visa on arrival for Indian passport holders?
    Yes, Sri Lanka is visa on arrival for Indian passport holders, provided, you have Sri Lanka ETA beforehand and your passport is valid for at least three months from your date of departure.
  3. Is Hambantota popular?
    Yes, Hambantota is a popular port city and a beautiful beach destination.


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