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Vecan Foods, a young Indian plant-based food startup, has launched four new options across Delhi-NCR. The company claims its products are clean-label, high-protein alternatives to conventional meat.

Founded by entrepreneurs Mahima Gupta and Guneet Kaur, Vecan Foods aims to help consumers adopt healthier diets. After noticing a gap in the Indian market for healthy alternatives to meat, they decided to create their own home-style plant-based foods.

Healthy, clean-label ingredients

Vecan products are made with pea protein, tofu, fresh vegetables, and spices, using recipes from the founders’ kitchens. According to the company, today’s flexitarians are looking to incorporate healthier, cleaner, and more affordable products without compromising on convenience and familiar taste.

“You can scan the label and understand what every single word means. We have kept our products clean so that the consumer is always aware of what they are consuming — no secrets,” Kaur says.

vegan foods plant-based product range
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The brand’s most recent launch includes four products: The Navabi Galouti (a kebab style alternative), The Sunday Sausage, The Veggie-roni (vegan pepperoni slices), and The Honest Nugget. 

Gupta explained that the brand’s labeling avoids mimicking meat. “We have a great-tasting product standing in its own right with a clean label, high in protein and fiber, and no compromises,” she said.

India’s plant-based market

Vegan lifestyles are rapidly increasing in popularity in India, with the plant-based sector poised to see “explosive growth,” according to the country’s recently established Plant-Based Foods Industry Association. Betting on the market’s growth, Vegan Dukan secured funds to update its plant-based and cruelty-free online platform earlier this year.

“As moms and women running our own homes, we know what it’s like to have to secretly mask vegetables into our kids’ meals or find tasty ways to incorporate health into our families’ daily diet. We’ve finally figured out a way to do this seamlessly, and we want to now share this with our community,” Gupta said.

Vecan is currently retailing across Delhi-NCR via its website and online platforms like Vegan Dukan and Foodie Soodie. 


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