Importance of World Tourism Day 2019

27th September is celebrated being the World Tourism Day, worldwide, and it is celebrated every year. Since 1980, the World Tourism Organization under UNO, which has been responsible for promoting and sustaining tourism throughout the world; conducts this celebration every year. The World Tourism Organization supports environmental sustainability, economic growth, inclusive development, and so on. It also deals with tourism policies throughout the world.

World Tourism Day 2019 will be rejoiced on Friday, on 27th September. The World Tourism Day carnival was inaugurated by the United Nations World Tourism Organization in the year 1980, which is enjoyed every year on 27th September. This particular day was determined as at this day the laws of the UNWTO came into power in the year 1970 which is regarded as the famous event for the global tourism as it strives to inform to people about the critical role of the tourism inside the international society as well as to show how the social, economic, cultural, political values are influenced by it globally.

This day is celebrated every year having a particular theme for making aware the people all over the world. A message is given to the global public every time by the UNWTO Secretary-General to join in the event. It is celebrated with high interest by the various tourism enterprises, organizations, government agencies, etc. Varieties of competitions are held on this day such as photo competitions promoting the tourism, tourism award presentations including free entries, discounts/special offers to the general public.

Tourism has become continuously expanding and growing economic sectors worldwide because of the existence of various engaging and new goals for tourists. So, it has enhanced the primary source of revenue ‎for advancing nations.


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