Huawei has been functioning on their private mobile O.S., “Hongmeng” for the last seven years.

Google proclaimed to sever its ties with Huawei and ban the Chinese company from mistreatment its services in the future. It looks Huawei as already been functioning on its own mobile O.S. for some time currently.

According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), the Chinese tech-giant has been developing its own mobile O.S. since 2012. Moreover, Huawei’s C.E.O., Richard Yu, back in March, said that the corporate had developed its operating system in case of any unpredictable circumstances. It looks that Huawei correctly foresaw the future because the recent ban by Google may force the corporate to launch its own O.S. or hunt for alternatives as soon as possible.

Last year, Z.T.E. was banned in a very similar manner and presently faces a seven-year U.S.A. ban for marketing equipment to Iran. Back in 2018, Huawei’s owner Zhao Ming was asked the potential introduction of a Huawei O.S. within the market, following the Z.T.E. ban.

“There isn’t any doubt that Huawei is capable of doing it, except for now I don’t assume it’s necessary since we have a tendency to work closely with Google and can still use its Android system,” Zhao said

It ought to be noticed that firms apart from Huawei had also tried to contour their mobile OS. in the recent past, we discover samples of many firms like Microsoft with its Windows Mobile O.S., and Samsung electronics with its Tizen system. Then there was Nokia’s Symbian platform, which was thought of to be the pioneer of the age of smartphones.

For now, things appear dangerous for Huawei since this ban potentially means the end of Huawei smartphones outside of the U.S.A. All that’s left to see is how will China reply to this. Whether they can impose harsh taxes on Apple, which will afterwards increase iPhone costs, only time can tell.

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