How is brown rice advantageous for us?

Brown Rice

Brown rice is an unrefined and unpolished whole grain that is made by removing the encircling hull of the rice kernel. Its grain retains its nutrient-dense bran and germ layer. It’s chewier as compared to white rice and contains a nutty flavour.

Health advantages of brown rice include better functioning of the cardiovascular system, digestive system, brain, and nervous system. It is loaded with powerful antioxidants which give relief from a range of conditions like high blood pressure, unhealthy levels of cholesterol, stress, mental depression, and skin disorders. High nutrition content in brown rice proves useful in numerous medical conditions like cancer, obesity, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, and insomnia. It has anti-depressant properties and helps to keep up healthy bones and a robust system.

Most people are also aware of the fact that brown rice is healthier than white rice. The explanation that makes it stand out is the quality and amount of nutrients it offers. The method of milling that converts brown rice into white rice strips away most of its nutritional worth. Brown rice, therefore, retains its immense treasure of healthful constituents. There are many types of brown rice out there in the market with their unique flavour, aromatic components, and varied concentration of fatty acids.

Health advantages of brown rice

1)    Controls diabetes

Brown rice is useful for people with diabetes and hyperglycemic people. It has a low glycemic index that helps reduce hormone surges and assists in the stabilization of blood glucose levels in the body.

2)    Antioxidant Activity

Brown rice is made in powerful antioxidants which protect against injury caused by oxygen free radicals. It contains an essential antioxidant enzyme known as superoxide dismutase that protects the cells from oxidation injury throughout energy production.

3)    Prevents obesity

Brown rice is instrumental in weight management for people combating obesity. It contains manganese that helps synthesize body fats. It additionally enhances the activity of glutathione peroxidase, an antioxidant enzyme, that helps to elevate the amount of cholesterol in obese people.

4)    Lowers stress in lactating women

Brown rice consumption will show positive results in the nursing ladies about a reduction in mood disturbances, stages of depression and fatigue. It has also advised that the use of brown rice during lactation enhances the body’s ability to resist stress and improves the general immune defence.

5)    Improves Digestive Health

Brown rice is a useful staple which may be added to the daily diet for keeping a healthy digestive system. Fibre gift in it helps regulate the bowel function and keeps you feeling full. Fibre content also brings relief from other conditions like constipation and colitis.

 6)    Boosts Heart Health

Brown rice is made in selenium that is useful for a healthy heart. Consumption of whole grains like brown rice helps to cut back the blockage of arteries due to plaque buildup. This protective action reduces the risk of cardiac disorders like hypertension and vascular diseases.

7)    Prevents Cancer

Brown rice is useful in the prevention of colon cancer, breast cancer, and leukaemia. This beneficial effect will be attributed to the presence of potent antioxidants and high fibre content in it. The fibre content present in brown rice can bind itself to harmful cancer-causing toxins in the body. This prevents the toxins from attaching to the walls of the colon and helps eliminate them from the body.

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