Holi: Tips to protect your Skin from harmful colors

Holi-the celebration of is practically around the corner and everybody is now eager to commend the celebration with parts and bunches of color. During this festival, everybody is stacked with colors and commends the celebration with complete happiness. Regardless of whether you attempt you can’t escape from the colors since it is all over the place. Individuals are often stressed over their skin during the celebration in light of the colors used during Holi can leave a negative effect on your skin because of the chemical present in the colors. Be that as it may, this should not prevent you from getting a charge out of the celebration. Here are a few hints to deal with your skin during Holi which will enable you to shield your skin from the harm.

Try to cover your whole body

The less your body is open to colors the lesser are the odds of skin harm. Wear full sleeved garments and full-length bottoms. Garments are the most ideal way to lessen exposure to colors.

Apply oil legitimately

It is the most ideal approach to shield your skin from exposition to colors. Take some oil and apply it appropriately everywhere on your body particularly to the body parts that are presented to colors. This will make your skin oily and won’t let the color settle profound into your skin. It will likewise make it less demanding to clean colors. Oil will make a meager layer on your skin which will shield your skin from direct contact structure colors.

Oil your hair

Not only your skin but your hair too require protection from the color damage. Apply oil to your hair legitimately. It will enable you to wash your hair effectively and dispose of all the color from your hair. It won’t let the color adhere to your hair. You should make a bun while playing Holi to protect your hair. You can cover your hair with a scarf.

Protect your eyes

Your eyes are extremely sensitive. While playing with colors don’t give the colors a chance to go into your eyes. Ward off them from your touchy eyes. Wear shades during the day.

Protect your ears

The colors regularly get into your ears exceptionally hard to clean. Before playing with colors, you should simply take some petroleum jelly and apply it on the external bit of your ears. It will make the external territory of your ears oily which will keep the color from entering inside your ears.

Apply nail polish

You need to shield your nails from colors. Nail polish will protect your nails. It will prevent the color from entering deep inside your skin through nails.

Try not to stay in wet garments

Wet garments can cause irritation and rashes. Put on other clothes and don’t stay in wet garments for long. You can catch a cold if you stay in wet garments for the day

If you face any sort of issue, irritation or hypersensitivity on your skin, you should counsel a doctor. If the colors go into your eyes and you don’t feel any sort of relief in the wake of washing your eyes completely then you should visit your doctor right away.

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