Here are the ten things you acknowledge when you move from Delhi to Bombay!

The discussion regarding which is a better city, Mumbai or Delhi has been intense. One is the capital of the nation, and the other is the financial capital of the country.

Both cities have different people with different cultures who like living different lifestyles. But there is bound to be a conflict if we put two Monsters in the same room.

You can only see the whole picture once you’ve lived in both cities. As someone who has, here are some of the observation that will make you realize that this city has a lot to offer to everyone!

Take a look below:

  1. When the waiter hands you your “parcel.” is the time food came!
  2. After seeing 150 houses in 2 days when the broker tells you the rent of 1BHK, and at that time, your heart will skip a beat.
  3. You will feel that clearing a university exam or job interview is not as severe as the Landlord interview!
  4. You will realize that there is more to Bombay than Bandra and Colaba.
  5. You will be awe-struck by the honesty of the cab guys who drive you by meter through maddening traffic and yet return you the exact change, and it will restore your faith in humanity that you have lost somewhere in lanes of Delhi.
  6. You notice a lot of educated middle-aged women dress up like a natural disaster in the Mumbai Local.
  7. You will find it amusing when people take out their woolens when the temperature will go down to 20 Degree Celsius.
  8. You will find it challenging to take out time to sleep because everything that people say about Mumbai being incredibly alive and sleepless is freaking true.
  9. You will observe that no city does festivals quite like Bombay does festivals.
  10. You will swell up with pride every time you cross the Sea Link.

What is the thing that Mumbai offered you? Let us know in the comment section below:

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