Haunted Places in Mumbai

From haunted movies to places with spirits, spooky stories become our favourite topic of discussion when we sit with our friends late at night over a cup of coffee. Some of the mysterious places are eminent for supernatural incidents that have terrified even the fearless ones. Here is a quick look at some of the most haunted places in Mumbai.

Aarey Milk Colony

Being nestled amidst the lush greens, this place is an inferno for drivers riding late at night. A series of accidents have occurred on the roads that gifted it a top spot in the list of most haunted places in Mumbai. Midnight drivers have claimed that they were compelled to stop by a lady in a saree carrying a child who asked them for a lift and suddenly vanished from the spot. Reports also suggested that people have seen a child running to and from this place at night and then disappeared at the wink of an eye.

Grand Paradi Towers, Malabar Hills

People living in Malabar Hills are hailed for their luscious and affluent lifestyle, and undoubtedly it is considered to be one of the lavish locations in the city. The Grand Paradi Towers, being located in such a posh place, has a separate aura that scares the local dwellers of the Malabar Hills.

There have been a number of spooky incidents that have made this place a haunted one. The first incident narrates about a couple jumping from their flat in one year, followed by other family members the subsequent year. Other events include suicides of maids and loss of lives of residents in a bizarre manner. People staying in this place have committed rituals to free the place from spirits but miserably failed in doing so.

Mukesh Mills, Colaba

This antique structure suffered fire massacre in 1870. It is considered to be one of the most renowned haunted places in Mumbai. This location is famous for Bollywood film shoots, but most film stars have expressed their discomfort while shooting there. Some eerie incidents have occurred on the movie sets which restricted the film crew to wrap up shoots as early as possible. This desolated site is recognised by the Mumbaikars for its chilling ambience.

Tower of Silence

The Zoroastrian Tower of silence in Mumbai was built by Seth Modi Hirji in 672. The tower was developed keeping in mind the beliefs of the Parsees, the followers of Zoroaster. The Tower of Silence or ‘Parsee Bawdi’ is located on the top of Malabar Hills and is spread over an area of 55 acres. Thus, in Mumbai, the Tower of Silence serves the purpose of offering the last rites to the dead. This place has a feeling of calm and peace owning in part to the beautiful architecture and green surroundings. It is the laying place of the departed of the Parsi community. This place is secluded and is believed to be phantasmal at night. People at night never bother to enter here. Although there is no occurrence of unfortunate incidents till date, people staying close to this place have expressed the annoyance and edginess they have felt while strolling past this place.

Poonam Chambers

This corporate structure is situated in Worli and renowned for infiltrating jitters in people who work here till late at night. The 1993 bomb blasts followed by the B-Wing collapse in 1997 have ambushed hundreds of people and choked them till death under the old remains. The watchmen and security personnel of offices feel petrified by impromptu door knocks and clacking sounds of windows.

St. John’s Baptist Church, Andheri

The stories of horror and banishment are prevalent in the weird places of Mumbai. This famous church in central Mumbai houses the ghost of a young bride who intimidates people walking past the church. In 1977, localities tried to expel evil spirits by performing rituals but what followed next created a sense of terror among those people present in the event. As the holy ceremony commenced, there were sounds of demoniac laughter coupled with incessant welling. After some time, the crying stopped, and a loud splash was noticed in a pond nearby, and on the very next day, all the fish in the pond were discovered dead.

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