Google Partners With Jio and Airtel, launched eSIM in Pixel 3 phones

Google announced the introduction of eSIM wireless service on its Pixel 3 smartphone with the help of telecom partners, Reliance Jio and Airtel in India. Google is the first smartphone manufacturer that started supporting built-in eSIMs with its Project Fi, regarded as Google Fi network.

Pixel 3 has also partnered with some of the major telecom giants around the world. In addition to Airtel and Reliance Jio in India, Sprint in the US, EE in the UK, and Truphone and Gigsky in different countries will start providing eSIM support for Pixel 3 in the coming months. Kerrie Lenhart Hogan, Director, Partnerships at Google, said in a statement, that for people living in Germany, you could purchase Pixel 3 with eSIM functionality from Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone soon.

Pixel 2 is the first flagship smartphone that comes with an embedded SIM for letting you instantly connect to a carrier network by the click of a button.

eSIM helps the users to connect across multiple devices in the Google environment ranging from Android smartphones to Chromebooks to wear OS smartwatches.

Google in a press statement inferred that they are creating a programme that would allow the Android device manufacturers to build smartphones powered with eSIM capability. Pixel 3 was launched in October with a price tag of Rs.71000 for the 64GB variant in India and for 128 GB variant, the price becomes Rs.80000.

The advanced version of Pixel 3, popularly regarded as Pixel 3 XL-64 GB variant is available at a price tag of Rs.83000 while the 128 GB model has its price fixed at Rs.92000.

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