Give junk food the boot and switch to dry fruit

Dry fruits are fresh fruits that have been dried. Traditional sun-drying or other drying techniques dehydrate fruits. They shrivel up, and the pulpy remains are the dry fruits that you enjoy at breakfast or during those mid-meal breaks. As the water content is removed, the grains become energy-bombs with concentrated nutrients.

Some of the most common dry fruits and nuts are raisins, cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, dates, figs, prunes and apricots.

Some varieties of dried fruits like mangoes, pineapples, cranberries, etc., are also available in sugar-coated, candied versions. Of these, dry fruits devoid of any additives are the best for your body.

Amazing benefits of dry fruits you should know about

1. Boost Immunity and Help Fight Diseases

Loaded with essential nutrients, the benefits of dry fruits and nuts for health cannot be overlooked. Dry fruits increase your nutrient intake as they are rich in potassium, iron, folate, calcium and magnesium.

2. Help Combat Cancer

If you have grown up having soaked almonds, then you have been fighting cancer right from the start. Almonds and cashew nuts are known to curtail breast cancer.

3. Help with Weight Loss

People who include nuts and dried fruits in their diet are well-aware of dry fruits’ benefits for weight loss. When consumed in moderation, they help you reduce weight and stay fit. Those who swear by dry fruits are known to take in lesser fats, sugar and more essential nutrients for proper metabolism.

4. Fight Constipation

Dry fruits like anjeer or figs have many benefits as they are rich in fibres which ensure a healthy bowel. Fibre helps the body remove waste from the body smoothly. Other fibrous dry fruits include prunes and dried apricots.

5. Keep Your Tummy Healthy

Prunes and other dried fruits have fibres, both soluble and insoluble, which improve digestion and keep your stomach and gut health. The soluble fibres act as a probiotic and maintain the required good bacteria.

6. Have Anti-ageing and Skin-friendly Properties

Radiant and glowing skin and controlling ageing are some of the benefits that dry fruits offer your skin. Almonds and pistachios help remove dead skin cells, and walnuts prevent dry skin.

7. Fight Anaemia and Boost Haemoglobin

Raisins and prunes are rich in iron and are beneficial for those who are anaemic. Dry fruits are packed with nutrients like Vitamin B, minerals like phosphorous and copper, and unsaturated fats that boost the regeneration of blood cells and haemoglobin in the body. Almonds, figs, pistachios and cashew nuts also give energy and build stamina.

8. Help Maintain a Healthy Heart

Raisins play a significant role in lowering systolic blood pressure. They control cholesterol and reduce inflammatory markers in the body. Almonds contain Vitamin E and monounsaturated fatty acids that prevent spikes in cholesterol levels and maintain it at a healthy optimum.

9. Improve Bone Health

Dried plums support bone formation, and they also enhance bone health. Dry fruits also help in improving bone density making the bones stronger and protecting them from excessive wear and tear.

10. Fight Depression and Anxiety

Dry fruits are a rich source of beta carotene, an antioxidant that battles anxiety and depression in people. These antioxidants also improve memory. Dry fruits help to improve sleep and enhance learning and performance.


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