Fed up of cracked heels? Try these 5 home remedies to get rid of it


Moistursing the cracked heels is a good way to get a relief from the pain
Image Source : FREEPIK There are various home remedies to cure cracked heels which can help you in reducing the pain.

Cracked heels is a typical foot issue, especially in winter. According to a poll, 20 percent of American people have broken skin on their feet. Both adults and children experience this, and it seems to afflict women more frequently than males. Most people don’t think cracked heels is a serious problem, but when you walk barefoot, it leads to severe pain.

A broken heel can happen due to several causes and can be recognized in various ways- 1.) Your heel’s bottom and outside edge harden. 2) Your feet’s skin gets dry and flaky. 3) If the cracks are deep, you can also feel pain and you might also bleed.

It is necessary to pay attention to cracked heels and give proper care to the feet. Here are some easy ways to do it-

Cleaning Feet: Cleaning feet can give proper nourishment to your cracked heels. If you clean your feet properly, you can see a profound impact. It is necessary to use water to wash your feet properly but keep in mind to NOT use excessively hot or cold water.

Moisturization: After properly washing and drying your skin, moisturize it. Use gentle creams and lotions on your feet and skin, and massage them well. The moisturizer needs some time to absorb into your skin. To keep the moisture inside, you should use a sealant cream or occlusive ointment after a few minutes.

Wearing Socks: Wearing socks after washing your feet is a good idea. If you keep your feet moisturized, then you can wear socks. If wearing socks all day is not suitable, then you can try to wear socks when you’re going to the bed.

Shea Butter: Shea butter is useful as it is used in body lotions and creams. It softens and moisturizes the skin. It is recommended to soothe the dry skin which is caused by dermatitis.

Honey: Honey is used to treat various skin problems like wounds and cuts. According to studies, honey can also be used to treat dermatitis and contact dermatitis. These are two skin disorders that occur if you have deficiencies in the immune system. 

The cracked heels are also a sign of medical issues so you are advised to consult the doctor if your heels are in severe pain or bleeding regularly.


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