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Your health is in your hands, they say. These days cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes are diseases we hear about almost every other day. Cholesterol is the greasy substance in the blood which is useful in limited quantities but it is harmful when it goes above normal levels in the blood. High levels of LDL Cholesterol is known to be harmful, especially to the heart where it damages the coronary arteries (vessels supplying the heart). 

General surgeon Maj (Dr) Manish Jajodia (Retd.) shares ways in which you can decrease levels of cholesterol in the blood whether you use cholesterol-lowering drugs or not.

1. Increase dietary soluble fibre – Eating soluble fibre can reduce the levels of cholesterol by decreasing its absorption into the bloodstream. Pears, apples and beans and oatmeal contain soluble fibres.

2. Reduce saturated fats– While consuming fats look for polyunsaturated fats as saturated fats raise the bad ( LDL) cholesterol.

3. Consume food rich in omega 3 fatty acids – although omega 3 fatty acids do not lower cholesterol it definitely has beneficial cardiovascular effects.

4. Exercise daily for 30 mins to increase good cholesterol ( HDL). It protects the heart against cardiovascular disease. Lose some weight by adding exercise to your routine.

5. Kick the butt and drink (if you have to) in moderation: Smoking is injurious to the lungs and the heart. Quitting smoking increases the good cholesterol ( HDL) which provides protective cover to the coronary arteries. Moderate drinking has been linked to higher levels of good cholesterol but still, drinking cannot be recommended.

If one has to drink, it should be in moderation.



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