ETPanache Travel Editor’s note: AI-enabled tourism offerings for you!


For the smart consumer who loves to travel, there are artificial intelligence-driven innovations to the fore. Be it travel bookings for large groups; inclusive voice-driven assisted ticketing; Metacentered tourism offerings; or AI-enabled airports with quicker check-in and faster flight connection checks.

The world is changing and so are our footsteps trajectory to explore new horizons. If you wish to remain with the evolving trends, embrace AI consciously by raising your awareness about the latest offerings.

Indian tourism is at its peak, despite the soaring mercury levels. Exams are over and school vacations are currently on. This gives a fine opportunity for the entire family to travel together.

Annual visit to say hello to grandparents or to explore new destinations is flooding the social media handles of most consumers. This is the summer of delightful explorations, from your child’s eyes. Let them plan the itinerary and you will find holiday journals and family albums replete with expressions of innocence and joy.

A combination of soaring demand, limited supply and surging airfares have helped airlines book record revenues during the past two quarters, but this golden age of enhanced revenues may come at the expense of customer satisfaction. As one airline files for bankruptcy, the other takes flights with new routes.

Stay alert when you travel and make quick amends to bookings when you find fluctuations affecting your plans. Seasonal plans could come with an added advantage with credit card points giving airport lounge access. Train journeys on newer trains are fabulous options with your family this summer. Keep notifications on mobile phone apps and travel websites subscribed so you know when the pricing is precisely right for you to grab the seasonal discounts.

Arm yourself with automation and new-age technology, and embrace the new wave of Tourism 4.0.


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