Do You Know iPhone Users Can Now Browse YouTube Through Gesture Controls Feature?

With the surging interest of users in consuming personalized content seamlessly, YouTube has reportedly seen to take initiatives for adding a new dimension to the world of exploring videos.

According to confirmed reports of TechCrunch, the mobile app of this video-streaming platform will facilitate gesture-based controls, enabling users to browse through clips with a mere swipe. This feature will be added as a significant boost to the existing functionalities of YouTube’s mobile app lending support to the content creators in designing compelling content for their audience.

Here’s is a look at how the gesture controls can be manoeuvred.

First on the list, how gesture controls would work?

Gesture controls will enable you to browse the Youtube channels and videos by merely swiping fingers either to the left or right. This feature actually replicates how you swipe through pictures in your gallery folder. Swiping of videos can be done in both full screen and small screen modes.

It is worthy of mentioning here that right-to-left swipe will take you forward to the next video in the recommendation list, while left-to-right swipe will take you back to the clip you left.

Video Resuming Feature

This is another exciting feature launched to entice the audience. With the help of this feature, when you swipe back to a video you had left watching, it would exactly resume from the same point where you had left off.

This feature is bound to improve the viewing experience, especially while you are watching tips, tricks and tutorials on the platform. This feature has been launched by YouTube with the sole purpose of increasing content consumption and generating more revenues from the videos. This stellar feature looks effective for improving the content consumption habit of the users.

This feature gives the content creators a level-playing ground with more opportunities to expand the audience base and start advertising in the videos to generate more revenue from the content.

The move comes at a time when the content consumption is more in portable devices like mobile phones and tablets. Android and iOS users are scrolling through more content on YouTube rather than desktop users.

Conclusively, it must be mentioned that this gesture-based navigation updated is going to be rolled out only for iOS users in the early days. This feature might soon be activated on Android, but till date, there is no verified update from the Youtube sources regarding the time required for such activation on android phones. It means that the android users might not be able to experience this feature in the coming months.

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