Do You Know Apple Is Planning to Launch Next-generation iPod Touch?

When it comes to 2018, Apple really failed to lead the way in the market with its plethora of offerings. The company managed to launch robust iPhones, iPads and even remastered MacBook Air with enhanced capabilities and vibrant colours. In the hardware segment, it fared average.

Being strangled with the court face-off with Qualcomm, the market performance of Apple has reached a significant low. According to recent reports from the manufacturer, it is planning to make thing spicier with its belated update for the famous iPod Touch.

As per the recent reports coming from a leading supply chain blog Macotakara, the iPhone manufacturer has hinted in developing advanced 7th gen iPod Touch in a bid to replace the current models. The recently published report never indeed revealed the name of the suppliers or neither offered valuable information regarding the features Apple is going to add in its all-new portable MP3 player.

The Cupertino giant has managed to restrict any leaks regarding the device specs and features. The news stating the delinquent updated should not be entirely relied upon. But it is indeed transparent that iPod Touch is long waiting for an update. The 6th generation of the device was launched in 2015, and since then no eminent updates have been recorded.

However, all the iPod variants have been terminated. Barring the iPod Touch model coming at a price tag of $199, all the models of this MP3 player have been discontinued in the market.

Some significant axing cases include the cancellation of iPod Classic in 2015, discontinuation of the Nano and Shuffle variants in 2017.

It is imperative to believe that the real-time requirement of music players have been totally wiped out with the advent of powerful smartphones that are enabled with multi-tasking features. But Apple has managed to keep the device running in the market as an entry-level solution for increasing the subscription of its paid services.
The same report also states that the next generation iPhones will be offered with USB-C connectivity. It says that the Cupertino-based manufacturer might give up the ‘lightening port’ connectivity and switch to USB-C, like the 2018 iPad Pros. Although these are all speculations, the market is te to receive concrete news regarding the same.

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