Diabetes and Lifestyle

The recent surveys have exposed that diabetes and obesity are rapidly increasing among Indian adults. Health consciousness is spreading among children; it is evident not only in their food habits but, for example, in their mode of travel. Many below 30 years of age are falling victim to diabetes and lifestyle diseases. What is being wondered is why this happens, especially in metros. Is it that the developed countries are paying more attention to diabetes and other related problems? Or is it that people living in the less affluent groups suffer from the same?

In fact, obesity has become an epidemic in India. There is an estimated obesity syndrome level of around 40% in the adult male population in the Indian cities. This figure was confirmed in a study on diabetes and lifestyle conducted by Urban Health Research Institute, New Delhi, India. According to the study, the rising level of diabetes has been primarily caused by changes in eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. The study also revealed that more people in India are indulging in a fast-food pattern or at least a regular consumption of processed foods compared to the earlier days.

Diabetics and obese people are prone to many illnesses, including coronary artery disease and heart attacks. Their health condition deteriorates day by day due to excessive weight gain and failure to exercise regularly. People who are obese are twice as likely as non-obese people to develop diabetes. There is an undeniable link between diet and obesity. According to the experts, a well-balanced diet consisting of vegetables and fruits, proteins, fibrous grains, and drinking copious amounts of water is the most effective way to curb obesity.

Exercise and diet also go hand in hand. A well-balanced diet devoid of processed food and refined sugars is necessary for keeping diabetes under control. However, obesity is only one problem of an unhealthy diet. People who are diabetic are more likely to suffer from other life-threatening illnesses like coronary artery disease or heart attack. Hence, they must focus on a healthy diet accompanied by regular exercise. Obesity is a symptom of diabetes and can be managed using diet and exercise.

According to experts, diabetes and obesity are two sides of the same coin. It is important to reduce both the risk factors simultaneously. It is recommended that diabetic patients first undergo a test to identify the possible causes of their increased weight. The test will reveal whether they are suffering from diabetes or obesity.

Following a controlled diet and regular exercise program is the best way to cure diabetes. Diabetes and obesity cannot be cured independently. A healthy lifestyle should be followed by all individuals living with diabetes. A lifestyle modification program for diabetes patients is designed to improve overall health and prevent the occurrence and progression of diabetes. Therefore, lifestyle modification can effectively lower the risk of developing diabetes or obesity.

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