Detox the Diwali binge, follow these 5 tips to get back to healthy eating


Detox the Diwali binge
Image Source : FREEPIK Detox the Diwali binge

While Diwali is a festival full of love and enthusiasm, it also involves a lot of scrumptious food. And who can say no to that? However, the tendency to binge eat on Diwali can lead to health problems if not taken care of. So, it’s time to pull ourself together and get back to healthy eating habits. 

How to go on a detox after Diwali?

1. Give up sugar

You need to absolutely give up sugar for a while. Diwali mithais (sweets) cause blood sugar to shoot up dangerously. Even if the reports look normal, every time we eat sugar, we are affecting the functioning of each and every cell in our body due to oxidative damage. It’s time to undo that damage.

2. Practice portion control

Reduce the grain intake to once a day. Grains like atta (flour) and rice have the same effect on our blood sugar, as normal sugar does. So, reduce the portions for some time and let your body come back to normalcy.

3. Have balanced meals

Focus on eating balanced meals. When the day begins with dosa and poha (Indian rice based meals), followed by roti (wheat pancake) for lunch and rice for dinner, we are basically overloading ourselves with carbs. Choose proteins and healthy fats too. Including lentils or eggs in the diet is a good idea.

4. Fasting

Intermittent fasting can sound like a fad, but the fact is that fasting is amazing for our digestive system. It helps our body and liver to recover. The liver is a key detoxification organ and fats accumulate in it very quickly, especially after all the binge eating at Diwali parties.

5. No alcohol

Stop consuming alcohol for a month. The liver is the organ that has to metabolize alcohol. Drinking alcohol can put our liver under stress after all the festivities, so give it a rest.

Diwali is one of our most special festivals, the whole family gets together, everyone’s happy and we have good food and sweets. So, rightfully nobody holds back and it’s okay.


Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Please consult a doctor before starting any fitness regime or medical advice. 


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