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New Delhi: India’s cybersecurity agency, CERT-In is observing ‘Cyber Security Awareness Month October 2022’ to create awareness and sensitise Internet users on safeguarding against cyber attacks, frauds, and cyber crimes. The theme of this year awareness month is “See Yourself in Cyber”.

Cybersecurity is a huge challenge for India and its citizens with the penetration of digitisation and the usage of internet. Scammers are using ingenious and creative ways to lure innocent people into traps and siphon off their money from accounts. As an awareness programme, CERT-In has shared various ways to identify fake websites.

Here are 5 steps given by CERT-In to identify fake websites:

1.  Type the website address into a search engine  and review the results. The address bar contains a vital information. Always check the URL before browsing/buying/registering

2. Look at the webiste’s connection type and make sure the website connects securely over HTTPS, not HTTP.

3. Verify website certificate and trust seals. Always check for SSL cerfitication, to confirm its legitimacy. Trust seals are commonly placed on homepages, login pages, and checkout pages.

4. Look for bad English on the site. If you notice a larger numer of poorly-spelled (or missing) words, generally bad grammar, or awkward phrasing, you should question the site’s realibility.

5. Watch out for invasive advertising. If your selected site has a stunningly large number of ads crowding the page, or ads that automatically play audio, it’s probably not a credible site.


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