CSK vs RCB who is best ?

So, let’s look at RCB. What are the things that strike you first when you think of RCB? I think of the fans they bought the rise opinions. It’s always strongly pro RCB and strongly anti RCB. But if you’re a franchise, you want to have fans like RCB. They turn up in large numbers. They support that team every year, so that’s a big plus. You think of batting, don’t you? Those big names. Remember the days when Chris Gayle was hammering balls into carbon bug? There is Virat Kohli was hitting 400 almost more scoring a thousand runs, Ab de Villiers and Colin. Candice sent with their batting. You think of RCB, and you think of big overseas batsman, and you think what they have a scope? People seem too cheesy down. Is the bowling good enough? And you worry about the bowling with RCB and the start of every season coated with hope, and somewhere down the line, it gives way to frustration. They say maybe next year the Fans keep turning up the following year. So, what can we expect this year?

Okay, RCB 12 out of 22 it’s not Wow, but it’s okay, but then they tail off. The bigger problem is can they start winning matches against the big teams now and the last few years, that eight versus 21 loss to gain ratio and that’s not good enough, and you’re playing the likes of Mumbai Indians or Chennai super kings or Kolkata night riders. The big teams like that, so they’ve got to find ways of winning against the big teams. But at the moment it’s like any other season I think you can start an RCB fan. You could start with hope and, maybe you shouldn’t say, maybe next year, this time we do latency.

CSK : – A right time to get all your Whistle out because the yellow armies are coming. It’s time to look once again at the Chennai super kings (CSK) by some distance. Whatever metric you choose. They’ve been the team of the IPL. They played nine times. CSK made the playoffs every year, and They made seven finals, They won three times. They know how to play the IPL. Sometimes it’s sneak into the playoffs. Sometimes they march into the playoffs, but Chennai super kings know how to play the IPL.

They did the score at 8.58, and over four times they cross 200 they’re a batting average of 35 they had 145 sixes. Every time there was a tense moment, one of the players stood up, whether it was a Watson or Faf du Plessis or Dhoni or Raydu whether The Sam billings, one of the matches It’s suddenly turned up, he gets man of the match. Deepak Chahar comes in he does something, Dhoni knows how to make teams out of players, and we saw that last year they had 11 man of the match awards. They’ve owned by eight different players. So what can we expect this year than the one word you always associate with CSK. Continuity. They don’t just go around making changes. They won’t go around sacking anybody. The only genuine difference they’ve made this year, they’ve gotten Mohit Sharma. They probably thought they needed an extra player Shardul Thakur when injured recently, so now they’ve got Deepak Chahar, Shardul Thakur, Mohit Sharma among the Indian fast bowlers to choose Lungi Ngidi. How well did they, did we discover that the Lungi Ngidi could be a perfect t 20 players or he’s around, they’ve got a rock-solid Indian batting core, and that’s important as we’ve often talked about in the IPL, but Who’s going to ball at the debt?

So we don’t know, if this is going to be a swan song of this side and whether they’d had to start looking at the younger players going to end as a lot of players not just over 30 but nudging 34 35 but you know what we said that last year and they won, the idea is that there is no IPL without the Chennai super things. So we are looking forward to watching the play.

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