Charge+Zone to set-up charging stations for Mahindra electric SUVs


Charge+Zone to set-up charging stations for Mahindra electric SUVs

Mahindra and EV charging network company Charge+Zone joined hands to set up a network of charging stations for Mahindra’s range of electric SUVs.

By the end of this fiscal, Mahindra’s EV users will have access to the Charge+Zone’s network of more than 2,500 charging points across 25 cities and 10,000 km of highways.

“We look forward to bringing sustainable, profitable, and efficient EV solutions to accelerate the mass adoption of battery electric vehicles in India, and we are delighted to have joined hands with Charge+Zone for our upcoming range of electric vehicles in India, including the soon to be launched XUV400 EV,” said Veejay Nakra, President, Automotive Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra.

The EV charging stations will be able to cover a range of electric vehicles, from cars to eLCVs.

Charge+Zone and Mahindra will explore installation, commissioning, and maintenance of fast DC chargers at various locations, including owned and rented sites, offices, or any other areas nominated by Mahindra, its affiliates, and group companies.

In addition, they plan to roll out e-mobility solutions spanning discovery, availability, navigation, and transactions, with the aim of empowering all EV users to seamlessly access the charging network.

“With this partnership, we aim to build a well-connected ecosystem that will not only provide electric SUV users with access to fast charging points across the country but will also help the EV ecosystem grow,” said Kartikey Hariyani, Founder and CEO, Charge+Zone.

The company’s charging stations are rapid DC charging points with the CCS2 charging protocol that provide 80-100 per cent charge in 20-30 minutes and a full charge in an hour, depending on the EV’s battery size.

These chargers also come with additional amenities like food-courts, restaurants, hotels, etc., as well as with the facility of Type-2 AC chargers wherever needed.

The company recently completed the electrification of over 1,000 km of national highways, by installing a network of 20 unmanned, app-driven, superfast EV charging points along the Gujarat-Maharashtra national highway.



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