Can high blood pressure harm your kidneys? Here’s what an expert says


Dr. Ganesh Mhetras, Consultant-Nephrologist, Manipal Hospital- Kharadi, Pune says, “This progressive condition occurs when the force of blood against the walls of the arteries is consistently too high putting a strain on the heart and blood vessels. This causes the blood vessels to become stiff and narrow. High blood pressure can cause kidney injury in a variety of ways. renal damage is one of the most prevalent complications of hypertension, and it can lead to chronic renal disease and, in extreme cases, kidney failure.”

“The kidneys are composed of microscopic blood arteries known as nephrons, which filter waste and excess fluid from the blood. Hypertension can damage these blood arteries over time, limiting the kidneys’ ability to function correctly. This can produce an accumulation of waste products in the blood, causing severe damage to the kidneys and other organs,” he adds.


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