BJP, activist Advaita Kala get into heated debate as AAP Minister visits rapist Ram Rahim


After Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Fauja Singh Sarari visited Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s Dera on October 30 and participated in an event, the anger over series of politicians visiting and worshipping the rape convict has exploded further. Notably, Rahim was released from the Sunaria jail by the Haryana Government for a 40-day parole on October 14. Republic Media Network spoke to BJP leader Raman Malik and social activist Advaita Kala on  the recent development. Malik tried to justify the act that as per the law, anyone can visit someone out in parole in individual capacity, however, Kala hit back by asking if people want to see political leaders who promote and worship rape convicts. 

‘Netas can meet Rahim in individual capacity’

Speaking to Republic Media Network, BJP’s Raman Malik said, “First of all, questions were raised on us by a lot of people and there was a media trial. One should understand that there was a case by the name DWC 2022, which clearly states what are the terms and conditions of the parole of Ram Rahim. That’s one part. Second is, there may be people who are going on an individual basis and they have all rights to practise it. I want to ask those who are raising questions on us, especially people like Swati Maliwal (DCW chief), on why was Ram Rahim given a parole, because now their own leaders (AAP leader) are now going to these satsangs. It is a private matter, and I think we should let them be as they are. Individuality and religion are private matters, these are not public matters.”

Hitting back at the justification, Advaita Kala responded, “Firstly, this is not somebody (Ram Rahim) who is accused, he has been convicted. He has been proven by the court of law. And what is the crime? It is a crime as henious as rape. And these people are worshipping a rapist, do we want people like these in a public life?”

‘Do you want leaders who worship rapists?’: Activist Advaita Kala asks

Countering this, the BJP leader stated,  “These netas are visiting in an individual capacity. If somebody has a problem, please visit the Haryana and Punjab High Court, and read and understand what the court has said, and this government is walking a very tough path with guidelines of the law, with utmost certainity, and we are doing. It is their individual wish if somebody wants to visit.”

Hitting back at Malik, Kala added, “I want to turn towards the people and ask if they want leaders who are worshippers of rapists despite accusations and convictions. If a political party is not going to take a stand on something as terrible as this, this means the talks on women empowerment are nothing but sweet talk.” 

Image: PTI, Republic TV


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