Bigg Boss 16 Weekend ka Vaar: Housemates suffer from food crisis, Sajid vows to not eat until Gautam is ousted from captaincy | Television News


New Delhi: The new day at Bigg Boss house begins with the anthem. Everybody is angry at Gautam for choosing captaincy over food. Sajid gets angry with Gautam over the food issues and vows to not eat food until Gautam stays as captain. Gautam asks Bigg Boss to please send for those with medical reasons. Soundarya and Nimrit get into an argument over Gautam. Nimrit states how Soundarya ruined up her friendship with Gautam, while Soundarya says she always stood for Nimrit. 

Gautam gives eggs to Shalin to fulfill his protein needs. Shalin loses calm when Priyanka questions him for taking all the eggs. Shalin asks Bigg Boss for more protein and asks for more chicken. Bigg Boss calls Shalin into the confession room and says he knows about the food requirements of all the contestants and he need not create a ruckus. 

Gautam says he is trying to repent his mistakes. Sajid says I have never committed such a mistake. Sajid says he won’t eat food until Gautam is captain. Bigg Boss calls Sajid and Nimrit to confession room. Sajid says no one takes a stand. He says Gautam took the captaincy to evade eviction. Nimrit says she is sad because she considered Gautam as her friend. Bigg Boss says this house brings the reality of everyone.  

Bigg Boss introduces a game for those on hunger strike- Gori, MC Stan, Abdu and Shiv. The game is a secret in which they have to eat food in confession room and then segregate daal and rice outside so that they can get daily ration. This game is meant to make Gautam realise the value of food. Gautam tried to sort issues with Sajid. Sajid says you must have done something good that Soundarya is still standing by your side. Shiv and Gori get pizzas from Bigg Boss when called for daal rice task.  

Bigg Boss then announces that the housemates have gotten their daily ration back by performing the task. Bigg Boss says they have earned this ration on their own and Gautam has no role in this. Shalin says sorry to Bigg Boss for his actions over chicken.  

Sajid says he is feeling like vomiting. All the housemates sit together to have dinner. Tina and Shalin get perplexed when they see Sajid vomiting. Unaware about the task, they feel it is because he has not eaten any food.  

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