‘Anti-national elements flourishing in TN due to minority appeasement politics’: Annamalai


Alleging that the tendency of the current state government to appease the minority community, Tamil Nadu BJP chief Annamalai said the anti-national elements in the state are getting a free hand and thus incidents of bomb blasts, and other attacks have become a normal affair. Speaking exclusively to Republic TV, he also cited the attacks on the offices of the party and locations associated with its sympathisers.  

Significantly a car blast incident was reported in Coimbatore on October 23, in which Jamesha Mubin, travelling in the car, was charred to death after the vehicle apparently blasted off and caught fire it in the Ukkadam area on Sunday, October 23.

‘DMK engaging in appeasement politics’: Annamalai

The Tamil Nadu BJP president accused the DMK government of indulging in appeasement politics. “Why such things are happening in a peaceful state like Tamil Nadu? That’s because of minority appeasement. Anti-national elements are getting free rein in Tamil Nadu. The day PFI was banned, 32 places were bombed. All 32 places belonged to our party, BJP functionaries or our sympathisers. BJP had to protest, then the state government was forced to invoke National Security Act.”

Moreover, the former IPS officer said that the BJP office from where he is speaking was bombed five months back. “Police said someone wanted to bomb it because he was unhappy with BJP. That’s the kind of coverup they’re doing.”

Coimbatore car blast

In the car blast reported in Coimbatore on October 23, Jamesha Mubin, who was travelling in the car died however it later came to light after scanning the CCTV footage, six people including Mubin were seen carrying a gunny bag from Mubin’s residence on the day of the blast. The other five people were later arrested after 75-kg of explosives was found in the residence of Mubin.

The arrests were made under various sections of the stringent anti-terror law Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA). All five of them have been sent to 15-day judicial custody. 

IMAGE: INSTAGRAM / Annamalai / Republic


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