Advani Invited to Attend the Delhi Assembly Celebrations, Cited Personal Reasons for Absence

The silver jubilee celebrations of the Delhi Legislative Assembly are stated to be celebrated on 15th December,Saturday and

BJP veteran leader LK Advani was invited as the chief guest of the function that has been organised to mark the 25th anniversary of its first occurrence.

However, Ram Niwas Goel confirmed onWednesday, 12 December, to the press that the BJP veteran will not be able to attend the meeting citing personal reasons.

In a media report, he stated that the Personal Assistant of Advani had informed about the personal reasons that would compel LK Advani not to attend the meeting.

A considerable segment of the BJP members has been sceptical about the Advani’s reported acceptance of an invitation to join silver jubilee celebrations of the Delhi Legislative Assembly, which is dictated by Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP.

Amidst the rising political obscurity and tension between the two parties, BJP and AAP, many leaders stated that the BJP veteran should refrain from attending the function.

The AAP leaders, led by its chief Arvind Kejriwal, is renowned for showcasing their political agenda on almost any platform and Advani can be utilised involuntarily as the tool for exercising the party propaganda.

According to the Speaker, Ram Niwas Goel, Advani reportedly accepted the invite for the function to be held on 15 December.

Delhi BJP president Manoj Tiwari nullified the news related to the objections tabled by the party leaders in opposing Advani to attend the party. He stated that Advani should join the function as the veteran might be successful in ending “negativity” of the AAP.

According to the Delhi BJP president,Advani must work closely with the AAP leaders and Kejriwal so that their negativity could be removed.

It is imperative to say that The AAP and BJP share a bitter relation over a number of issues. The two parties were seen to exchange gibes on each other on several occasions, most recent being the inauguration of Signature Bridge and an attack on Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal at the Delhi secretariat.

Tiwari was seen to insult Kejriwal stating that he had a negative perspective and invited Advani with a political motive but the veteran should attend the meeting.

Advani had been the first chairperson of the Delhi Metropolitan Council, the body that preceded the Assembly, from 1966to 1970. The Delhi Assembly had its first sitting on 14 December 1993. Besides Advani, other guests to the function include former members of the Legislative Assembly.

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