6 New WhatsApp Features to Wow the Users in 2019

When you talk about an instant messaging app of the 21st century, the only name that crosses your mind is WhatsApp. It has over 1.5 billion users globally. It was acquired by Facebook back in 2016-17 for a whopping 19 billion$. This messaging app adds instant functionalities that are highly useful for users. Apart from being a platform for exchanging conversations, it is slowly becoming a multi-tasking app serving various purposes of the users.

While in 2018, it has launched several jaw-dropping features that include Payments, Group Calls, Stickers, Picture-in-Picture mode etc., this year promises to be the same for its users since it is coming with a bunch of advanced features that will facilitate conversations and other activities in the app.

Here are 6 WhatsApp features that are on the cards of getting launched in 2019.

Dark Mode Feature

Going by the name, this feature will reduce the pressure on the users in reading the chats. It would effectively cut down the burden a user experience while reading the content on WhatsApp. It makes the app-equipped for low light visibility and saves the battery life by optimising battery consumption. It helps you to see the chats even in low light conditions. This feature is available in beta version on WhatsApp.

Improved Add Contact Feature

Guess what? WhatsApp finally solves your problem by launching a new feature for adding contacts without even exiting the app. When users save a contact number in their phone, this instant messaging app will automatically identify the country code and display the availability of the same contact in WhatsApp or not.

Adding of QR Code

This is another fun feature of WhatsApp where you can add and share contacts just by scanning a QR Code. Apart from the addition of contacts, contact sharing can also be done through a QR code. But for using this feature, both senders and recipients need to instal the latest version of WhatsApp to scan the QR codes.

‘Contact Ranking’ feature- A New Kid on the Block

From the pool of exciting features, this one looks to be the most impressive one. With the help of this feature, the user will be able to assemble all the contacts and rank them according to the frequency of communication between them.

Listening to multiple voice messages

As a WhatsApp user, you might receive numerous voice messages on a daily basis from different users. However, WhatsApp is coming with the feature which would enable you to listen to several voice messages received in a conversation automatically weeding out the need of clicking on each audio recording separately.

This feature is still running in beta, and soon WhatsApp will make a series of audio clips that are going to be played in the chat window one after the another.

‘Private Reply’ feature for WhatsApp Groups

This is another efficient feature to streamline communication in WhatsApp Groups. It would allow the conversation participants to chat with other members in the group without the need of creating a thread for a separate conversation. Users can interact among themselves privately without involving the attention of other members.

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