6 Android Cricket Games You Must Play in 2019

Cricket is a religion in India, and it is passionately followed in every nook and corner of the country. The sport is intricately followed by people from different parts of the nation. The game experiences an exceptional acceptance from thousands of fans and followers. It is played in schools and colleges, and we often have witnessed the occurrence of competitive tournaments in our neighbourhood, what we regard as our favourite ‘gully cricket’.

To remain engaged in this never-ending carnival of cricket, you can also indulge yourself in the cricket gaming apps that have flooded the play store. The cricket game would satisfy your appetite and deliver the best gaming experience to you. While some of these apps are enabled with thrilling graphics, others fail to score below par.
Hence, we have compiled a list of 5 super powerful cricket games that you should consider playing in 2019.

1. World Cricket Championship 2

The World Cricket Championship 2 is one of the most dynamic and graphically enriched cricket game for your phone. You will be able to play cricket here in all three formats – Test, ODI or T20. You can play in 32 world class stadiums across the world with your favourite national team.

The app is loaded with a plethora of customization options and multiple gaming modes. The game would enable you to play a diverse range of shots that include the famous Dil-scoop, the Helicopter shot as well as the Upper-Cut.

2. Big Bash Cricket

The Big Bash Cricket game in Android Play store is made in accordance with the famous KFC Big Bash League; a domestic T-20 tournament played in Australia during summers. The app clones the playing style of the real game. You can choose from eight teams. Every team has players with authentic names that ideally match with the real ones. This game is touted for delivering a 360-degree gaming experience.

This game is slightly different from its counterparts since it allows you to play a shot of your choice on the field that is feasible in cricket. You can choose between three modes namely Quick Match, Tournament, and Challenge.

3.Real Cricket 18

Real Cricket 18 is an upgraded version of Real Cricket 17. The game is punched with enchanting graphics and gripping gameplay that keep you hooked to your seat. Just like the earlier versions of the game, you can customise teams and choose where you want to bowl. A large number of features have been already added into the game such as Test Cricket, Decision Review System with Snicko and Hotspot, auction and post-match presentations. As you keep on unlocking the levels, you will get a chance to explore more stadiums in the kitty. Players will be able to play realistic strokes. The game is equipped to deliver a riveting gaming experience. If you are fond of batting, you can now play your innings in 4 different styles namely Defensive, Balanced, Radical and Brute.

4. Cricket T20 Fever 3D

The Cricket T20 Fever 3D is another fully-packaged, action-packed game with sensational graphics. You can play either in tournaments or one-off ODI or T20 format.

Furthermore, this game enables you to play strokes all around the park. You can also assist your bowlers in bowling economical spells to the opposition batsmen without giving away too many runs. Scoring runs is a little bit on the tougher side since you have to time the stroke with utmost perfection.

5. Cricket Worldcup Fever

This is another complete cricket gaming app for your Android phone. The game rules are in congruence with the international standards as set by ICC. It is not a highly-powered game and works perfectly on the basic smartphones.

You can select your favourite national cricket team and play with them in four enticing modes – “Quick Match”, “PowerPlay”, “World Cup”, and the turn-based “Pass-N-Play” mode. You can play the game both as a batsman and a bowler, and it provides you with the opportunity to score runs everywhere in the park.

6. Gully Cricket Game – 2018

Gully cricket had always been a regular form of cricket in our daily lives, Back in the earlier days, people use to organise a cricket tournament on the streets inviting passing-by people to join. This android game helps you stroll through the memory lanes of the past. You will be able to play this game in more than 100 Indian gullys. As a player, you will be facilitated with a wide range of bats, balls, and stumps. The gaming experience becomes fun-filled when you break the window panes, car windshields of your neighbours. When you are batting, there is a possibility that you might hit past rickshaws and hurt pedestrians on the move. You can play as a captain and build your team from scratch.

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