5 Worst PC Games of All-time

If you are an avid gamer and belong to the period of the 90s when video gaming has started hogging attraction of many, you might have played games that had powerful graphics and high-end controls. Some were superhits on the market while others failed to raise their standards above the average.

Here is a list of Top 5 Worst 5 Video Games that are worthful of forgetting.

Lord of the Rings-War in the North

This worst made game is studded with design flaws that messed up everything, and gamers rejected it in disgust.

This fun hack and slash game was unfortunately released during the final build-up to Skyrim, so it flew under the radar.

The biggest flaw of this game is the ‘Auto-save’ feature.

When you clear an area, the next area opens. Go there, the old area becomes unavailable, and the game auto-saves.

See where this is going?

For instance, about halfway through the game, you need to access the home of a wizard, using his staff as key. Don’t have the staff? Well, you should have picked it up a way back, did you forget? Go back? No, you cannot go back.

So instead of saving the world, your heroes starve to death on the Radegasts doorstep, because they forgot the staff. Or even worse, if your companions are a bit off, they may not make it to the next area before it closes off, and they are now trapped. You can see them through the doorway, but a magical wall has sprung up, and they cannot get through.

Reload an older save? Nope. One save file only, the only way to reload is to quit and restart. Oh, and it saved the moment you entered the new area. Sorry, the game is over.

Want to try again from the beginning?

Hence, if you are a mature gamer, this game angers up the blood just thinking about it.

Darkest of Days

In this game, you play as a soldier in the Battle of Little Big Horn, as one of General Custer’s men. But unfairly, you die in the middle of the game.

In the moment of your death, time freezes, you are greeted by a dude who pops out of a time bubble and tells you to come with him. You find out he works for some company messing with time. They go back to ‘fix’ events, most battles in this case, that they believe did not turn out the way they should have. So, instead of being normal and trying to make events in the present work for them, they decide to go back and tinker with history. And by tinker, it sends you back with automatic weapons and kills everything. Gaining access to brilliant weapons forces you to play through the campaign missions as history intended.

The controls are awkward, you have no indication of mission progress or anything to give direction, and little idea of what you’re doing or why. The campaign was mind-numbingly dull, with few exciting characters or even dialogues to break up the monotony. The entire premise seemed like a thinly veiled excuse for a game to go back in time and shoot automatic weapons at people from the past who had almost no defence for that, which made it annoying to fight them since you could just mow them down.

Consider Master Chief and pit him against the Redcoats in the American Revolution and you get the idea. Overall, pathetic gameplay, poor storytelling and a flawed premise made for one of the worst games I ever played.

Superman 64.

This brand-new video game of the 90s, costed nearly $70, when game reviews were primarily limited to what was published in magazines (not a whole bunch of review websites in 99), and Superman was supposed to be an invincible badass.

What you get instead in this game — a clunky flight mechanism, a need to fly through floating “rings” to reach the next mission, and short missions with random thugs who could kill you with basic pistols and the game was loaded with bugs.

Those frightening rings, annoying flight mechanic, and the terrible draw distance obscured by ‘fog’ scared the hell out of most of the eminent PC gamers.

Power Rangers: Light Speed Rescue

This game is the second worst of the N64 library and was particularly hurtful to eminent gamers since, in spite of being expensive, they fail to stick to its promises. Gamers fooled themselves into believing they would get better the more they played it. At the time, there were not that many gaming options like today. You either play them to the end, play another game you’ve already beaten, or nothing.

Fallout 4

Fallout NV is one of the most favourite games of the addicts, but still, it lacked quite a lot IMHO. The game was a lot hyped in spite of its repetitive gameplay and boring main story, lore-breaking world, and awesome designs. The game had lame characters, stripped down RPG system, bugs, voiced protagonists, and no perks. The Fallout franchise is widely renowned for its gunplay, but after a fixed period, it becomes a dull one.

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