5 Smart Things You Never Knew Your Smartphone Can Do

Smartphones are pocket-sized computers that are featured with a multitude of facilities to keep yourself ahead of the competition. Apart from the traditional features, we are not well-versed with the ones that captivate our hearts and makes us wonder. With a smartphone, you can explore a whole world of entirely different opportunities.

Here we have listed 5 Unbelievable things your phone can do, but you are now aware of them. Let’s read it!

Convert your phone to a gaming console

With the surge in the introduction of advanced smartphones in the market enabled with AI-capabilities, leading giants like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo are launching ultra-edge Android phones in the market that are destined to deliver a stellar gaming performance, much to the delight of avid gamers. For enjoying an optimised gaming experience, you need to arrange gaming controllers, a giant screen. You should possess an MHL cable that would connect your device to the monitor of HD TV, and you are ready for a redefining gaming experience.

Apply remote lock in your phone in case it gets lost

It is somehow highly disappointing to lose your device which is of utmost necessity to you. If it is stolen, the thief might access your important files which you have stored in your device. What if those files are highly sensitive and carry confidential information? However, Google gets you covered since it comes with Android Device Manager that takes care of your hardships and give the sole control to you in case its stolen. It has a phone-tracking feature which would help you to know about your phone location. You can also remotely lock the phone and make it ring. To activate this feature, you need first to visit the settings, then visit Security and Device Administrators and select Android Device Manager.

Unlock your car

Remember those days when you had to run up and down constantly for taking something from the car after forgetting the keys inside the office? The Viper SmartKey is one such app that gives you the flexibility to unlock your car with your phone. Hence you can easily lock and unlock your car without even taking the device out of your pocket.

How to Measure your heart rate? Use your phone

Want to track your heart rate, but you don’t have the measuring device? Don’t worry! Your phone has other plans for you. Just download Instant Heart Rate app from the play store, open it, place your fingertip over your phone’s camera lens for 10 seconds, and your heart-rate will be displayed to you within 15-20 seconds

Thinking of calculating height, distance and width

What if you can calculate the extrinsic aspects of a human or a static structure with the help of your Android device? Such as the height and width of a person, or a building or any other structure. The measurement can be done using your camera lens. So, the days of carrying tapes are gone. There are multiple apps available in the play store that are reliable and consistent enough to deliver strong performance in displaying accurate measurements.

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