10 Innovative products that are not yet popular in the Indian market

There are plenty of innovative products that are not yet available in the Indian market but already gained popularity in the overseas market. This list contains 10 of them. So, without wasting any more time let’s get started.

Ink Calendar

Spanish designer Oscar Diaz has designed a calendar that uses the capillary action of ink spreading across paper to display the date. Each month, a bottle of coloured ink spreads across a sheet of paper embossed with numbers, colouring them in as it goes.


Dino Pet is completely awesome. Shaped like an Apatosaurus, the plastic aquarium is home to a school of bioluminescent plankton called Dinoflagellates. When the sun goes down, the dinoflagellates light up the night when you give them a gentle shake. Simply pour the pouch of dinoflagellates and water into the shell, give them indirect sunlight during the day, and enjoy the glowing blue-green spectacle in the evening. Due to the living nature of this product, dinoflagellates are shipped separately (directly from the manufacturer) at no additional cost. Simply redeem the included voucher at your convenience.


Flyte is a levitating light bulb which floats over by magnetic levitation. Except for air, Flyte requires no batteries and power. The man behind this interesting innovation is Simon Morris who is obsessed with making the objects float. The levitating bulb is a combination of inspiration from Nikola Tesla’s Wireless power transfer and magnetic levitation.


The Tempescope is a small translucent box that is capable of downloading meteorological information off the internet from a wireless remote that attaches to your computer. The product then translates this data into a variety of modes that can replicate sunshine, clouds, rain, and even lightning. Instead of simply looking at numbers on a screen, you can now see a table-top version of the actual weather before you’re set to walk out the door.

Suntree Solar Charger

Made out of eco-friendly bamboo wood, the Suntree Solar Charger has nine solar energy harvesting “leaves”. The tree base houses a 1400 mAh rechargeable battery and a USB output port plus a micro USB power input port. You can charge your smartphone at the end of the day using the power harvested during the day. You can also charge up the built-in battery by connecting the micro USB port to external power.

Intimate Care Products Package

The most gentle and delicate cosmetics are intimate care products. Reflecting the character of its contents, the package also stands all naked before you having nothing to hide. Its tender colour and soft curves resembles the naked body.

Every touch makes a tube, a cup or a bottle a little confused. So as soon as you take it in your hand, it will timidly glow right where you touch it. This flirty effect is made possible by covering the package with special thermochromic paint reacting to warm hands. Be gentle with this package, it is very shy.

Chameleon Bandaid

It looks like a regular Band-Aid at the outset, but once you stick it on, its shade slowly changes until it eventually matches the colour of your skin, concealing both the bandage and your wound or cut effectively.

Lily Camera

Lily Camera is the drone that will follow you & video you. It is focused on its subject. When it ships later this year, it will feature a 1080p, 60 FPS camera and another 720p, 120 FPS camera, both of which can be trained on you. The flyer will use its built-in GPS to stay fixed on a little Lily tracking device worn on your wrist or in your pocket.


It can be used in endless ways: it can be a stool, a footrest, a nightstand, a standing work desk & much more! What else? Stack them up and make a table & chair set; Add a wood board on top of 2 booknitures to make it a bench; Stack a few more layers and it becomes a shelf! The possibilities with booknitures are endless. It is also lightweight and portable. Fold it back into a book and take it anywhere! It makes sure you can sit anywhere in style and comfort.

Ring Clock

It’s called the Ring Clock and is meant to be a time telling device worn on one of your fingers. It allegedly uses ultra-thin mono-colour LEDs and a 6mAh, ultra-thin rechargeable lithium polymer battery to display the time at the twist of its body. The battery, though small, would be enough to give the ring one week of autonomy.

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