Parliament gave a triple talaq bill

In a meaningful political win for the Narendra Modi government, the triple talaq bill today assigned Rajya Sabha difficulty. Put to the vote after a lengthy discussion; the triple talaq bill was announced in the Rajya Sabha with 99 to 84 tickets.

The Muslim Women Bill will soon go to President Ram Nath Kovind for his approval. Once the triple talaq bill received the assistance of the President and published by the government, it will reinstate the triple talaq statute of published last in February.

The triple talaq bill had remained a bone of competition between the Narendra Modi regime and the opponent since December 2017, when the government first blocked the legislation in the Lok Sabha. The bill supported a Supreme Court decision in August that year.

The Supreme Court had said the use of instantaneous triple talaq illegal and a divorce declared by saying talaq three times in one agreement void and illegal.

The triple talaq bill of the past Narendra Modi government lapsed with the end of the Lok Sabha upon fulfilment of its security. The Rajya Sabha had not given the law back then.

It was the first draft law that the Narendra Modi 2.0 government announced after being granted back to the government in the 2019 Lok Sabha election. The triple talaq bill was presented in the Lok Sabha and approved by the house last week. The government did not allow much concern for promoting the triple talaq bill in the Lok Sabha, where it holds a healthy majority.

The parliament tabled the triple talaq bill today in the Rajya Sabha, where the Modi administration required strategic floor control to get the support of the top house of Parliament. The ruling NDA does not hold a bulk people in the Rajya Sabha.


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