How to Check the Battery Health of Your iPhone? Follow these steps.

Just like the other smartphones in the market, the iPhones extract power from Lithium-ion batteries whose quality denigrates over time. Owing to recent reports collected from a vast number of users, the iPhones seemed to slow down, causing major lags.

As Apple has already started taking initiatives to prevent iPhones from slowing down due to turbulent crashes and shutdowns, here is a look at how to resolve the problem of the degraded battery through frequent checks.

How to keep an eye on the battery health?

For checking battery health, go to iPhone ‘Settings’ and tap on the ‘Battery’ option followed by clicking the ‘Battery health’ option and checking the battery percentage displayed right next to ‘Maximum capacity’.

This displayed percentage will give you a fair picture of the state of your battery and the capacity to which it can hold. This capacity should not be confused with the current level of your iPhone’s battery.

With the simultaneous ageing of the mobile battery, the mobile’s capacity to hold charge also declines. For a relatively new iPhone, the maximum capacity to which it may hold charge is 100%. With gradual use and charging it for multiple times, the capacity seems to experience a downfall upto 80% or 90% or even lower at times.

A deteriorated battery leads to throttling, but it can certainly be avoided if the iPhone’s maximum battery capacity is lowered below 80%. Apple in those circumstances chokes the device performance to prevent it from experiencing frequent crashes and unexpected shutting down. The throttling feature can, however, be disabled from the ‘Performance management’ option in the same ‘Battery health’ section but it consequentially triggers the mechanism of unexpected shutdowns. During such a time, your phone shuts down when you are playing a game or watching a movie or talking to a friend over a voice call. It is worthy of mention that whenever your iPhone faces subsequent shutdowns, the throttling feature will be re-activated automatically.

Battery replacement is another feasible option to resort to if you are quite fed-up with problems arising from performance management or unexpected shutdowns. Apple is rolling out replacements at pocket-friendly prices, and this advantage can be leveraged before December 31. Your phone will automatically signal the need for a replacement when you will see a replacement alert under ‘Peak performance capability’ head in ‘Battery health’.

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