You May Not Access Mobile Data If You Update Your iOS Version

Recently, Apple has rolled out iOS 12.1.3 for iPhone and iPad users around the globe. The update is being introduced in the market as an additional release with minor bug fixes and no new features

Although the update was entirely based on bug fixes, it failed miserably in providing solutions to a concerning issue recorded on previous versions of iOS. The issue is none other than connectivity.

But, the sad part is, despite being solely focused on fixes, it fails to address one of the biggest issues flagged on previous iOS versions: connectivity.
Let us deep delve into the world of difficulties you will encounter if you upgrade your android version.

Cellular Data Issue

Since the early days of the release of iOS 12.1.1, users started reporting incidents of interrupted cellular data and Wi-Fi connectivity. Accessing the internet with the help of your mobile data becomes an arduous task if your phone is running the latest iOS version.

Although not all the iPhone users are confronting this problem, several complaints have been lodged against this gruesome from users of specific parts of the world such as India, Malaysia, Egypt, Denmark, and the US.

It is even annoying to know instead of a sustainable fix for this issue, the situation has worsened with every update, even in the latest one.

The situation even got deteriorated and Sprint had to issue a warning against the same. iOS 12.1.3 was launched with the objective of fixing multiple bugs including those that prevent the users from scrolling photos in Messages. However, it managed to take an absence in removing the data-destruction bug with several users still suffering from the loss of 3G/4G connectivity from their devices. It is even failing them to establish a connection on the internet or make calls.

We all know how data is crucial in our world and seeing this disturbance in connection, Sprint floated a warning against the same.

Secondary Issues

Several other trivial issues have hampered the performance of iPhone. Apart from the significant loss of cellular data, irregular Wi-Fi is another issue which involves the sudden disappearance of notification badges. Hence, you need to wait until the patch is rolled out for prohibiting these issues.

Mobile experts believe that you need to stay away from updating your phone to the latest version of iOS. It is not loaded with any updated feature and may unessentially jeopardise your phone’s cellular data. hampering its overall productivity.

At this juncture, Apple is looking for ways to come out with a possible fix and deliver an update to mark the end for all your connectivity-related problems.

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