World Heritage sites in India that you should visit once

India is a beautiful country with a rich cultural heritage. Diverse in its nature, India has a history of beautiful monuments that are known worldwide and maintained at its best. These historical monuments had gained immense recognition.

There’s something about the rich cultural heritage of India that makes it one of the most loved goals all around the globe. Below are the places that have made its position in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

Ajanta Caves

This set of 30 caves is popular for its temple architecture and carefully drawn paintings. These caves protect probably the best perfect works of art of Buddhist workmanship in India and some of them go back to second century BC.

How to reach.: It is just 100 km from Aurangabad and can be reached by rail, road, and air.

Ellora Caves

One of the biggest rock-cut temples, they display the art and architecture of Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. The Kailash temple is the biggest single monolithic rock excavation in the world.

How to reach: It is just 30 km from Aurangabad and can be reached by rail, road, and air.

Sun Temple, Konark

The Sun Temple at Konark is constructed as Lord Surya’s chariot. It has 24 wheels enhanced with symbolic designs and driven by six horses.

How to reach: The temples is 35 km from Puri and 65 km from Bhubaneshwar.


The temples town of Mahabalipuram is known for a few temples going back to the Pallava dynasty. Maybe a couple of the prominent ones among them are the Shore Temple and the ‘Ratha Cave’ temples.

How to reach: Chennai is the closest airport and railway station at around 60 km.

Khajuraho Group of Monuments

The temples in Khajuraho are known for their sensual sculptures and brilliant architect. The 25 temples of Khajuraho have been separated into Eastern, Western and Southern groups. Of these, the Western group of temples, particularly the Kandariya Mahadev, Lakshmana, and Vishwanath temples are outstanding.

How to reach: Khajuraho has a railway station connected to all major cities


The ancient temples and royal palace residues of Hampi have a place with the sixteenth century Vijayanagar Empire and has pulled in travelers from around the globe. The Virupaksha and Vittala temples are very outstanding here.

How to reach: Belgaum and Bengaluru airport are at a distance 270 km and 300 km individually from the antiquated site of Hampi. Hospet is the closest railway station.

Group of Monuments at Pattadakal

Pattadakal group of monuments are well known for their agreeable mix of compositional types of northern and southern India. This world heritage site comprises of a group of 10 noteworthy temples.

How to reach: It is only 14 km from Badami railway station.

Elephanta Caves

Situated on the Elephanta Island, off the shoreline of Mumbai, these caves flawlessly portray the stone cut art and architecture of medieval India.

How to reach: Take a ferry ride from the Gateway of India in Mumbai.

The Great Living Chola Temples

The Great Living Chola Temples in Tamil Nadu stand declaration to the accomplishments of the illustrious Chola tradition. They include three temples: the Brihadesvara Temple at Thanjavur, the Temple of Gangaikonda Cholapuram and the Airavatesvara Temple at Darasuram.

How to reach: Trichy is the closest airport and railway station.

Buddhist monuments at Sanchi

Sanchi is popular everywhere throughout the world for its stupas. These stupas are critical for their portals that contain ornamented delineation of occurrences from the life of Buddha and his past manifestations.

How to reach: It is 40 km from the capital city of Bhopal. You can likewise reach there through Vidisha.

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