Top 5 Android Games Under 100 MB

With the rise in the number of premium budget phones in India, users have received access to a variety of specifications and high-quality graphics. Android gaming in India has reached cloud nine, and with more launches in the coming days, android games are making the users crazy. But what happens if you lack enough memory in your device and you fail to play a single game of your choice in spite of being an avid gamer? Here is a comprehensive list of Android games that hs topped the monthly chart. Don’t worry! These games are below under 100 MBs and do not waste much of your memory.

5 Android Games under 100MB

1. Asphalt Nitro

If you adore high-drifting racing games, but you are lacking sufficient enough memory in your phone to download racing games of some hundred MBs? Do not get bogged down!  Asphalt Nitro is for you. It is powered with premium and HD graphics, high-quality sound effects and an excellent racing experience that would make you drool over the gameplay again and again.

2. Rise Up

RiseUp is a particular type of mind game where you will get a balloon that you need to protect from upcoming items in the game. You can draw things to safeguard your balloon. Rise up is a fantastic game that mainly tests your creative thinking ability and makes your brain agile. You can play this game anywhere and anytime for relaxing and making your brain sharp.

3. Snipper 3D Gun Shooter

If you are addicted to action gaming, and you admire gun-fight, you can download and try this game, that is specifically designed for those who love gun-fights. If you are addicted to high-voltage gaming, consider playing it and forget those high-size games since this game provides an HD graphical experience and is regarded as an excellent control light shooting game.

The size of this game is only 75MB, and you will cherish the gaming experience for the rest of your life.

4. Air Hockey Challenge

Download the Air Hockey Challenge game and play air hockey in offline more with your friends. There are namely 4 levels of gameplay- easy, medium, hard and extra hard. It is a swift game that can be played anytime and anywhere.

5. Smash It

Smash is more like a game of adventure and strategy that introduces you to a surreal journey in a different world, and progress in tune with high-quality sound and music and destroy everything that comes in your path. The player needs to focus, concentrate, and time well to traverse the maximum distance in the mission alongside breaking the glass objects that stand in his way. This game is only 60MB in size and provides a great gaming experience.

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