Top 5 Android Games To Play In December

Android game companies keep on surprising the gamers with their high-class offerings. While 2018 has seen games like PUBG and others garnered attention from millions of gamers, 2019 will not be a less-exciting one in terms of gameplay and adventure. As we are on the verge of stepping into 2019, we have compiled the list of few games that are worthy of playing in December. You just need to sit back and enjoy yourself an Android game or two that perfectly fits your bill.

Here is a list of new releases that will certainly help you to end your 2018 game fever on a brighter note.


Chuchel is the latest offering from the excellent game designer, Amanita Design, that is widely hailed for creating the next generation games like Machinarium and Samorost 3. You play as the onymous hairy hero who is on the expedition of rescuing a priceless cherry in this comedic adventure.

Throne Quest

Throne Quest is the latest RPG game created by Valorware, the renowned game development company that created 9th Dawn. This brand new open-world RPG is inspired from the gameplay and graphics of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You need to explore new adventures, loot advanced gears, and upscale power so that you can challenge a mighty demon boss and win the throne.


GrandChase is the latest addition in the blockbuster MMORPG franchise. Although it is claimed to draw inspiration from 2D platforming MMOs like MapleStory, GrandChase is strategy-bounded RPG that is loaded with flexible touch controls. You have over 70 heroes to collect and play in a wide variety of modes.


Slint is a free voxel adventure game available on free for Android and iOS users. This post-apocalyptic adventure game lets you play as a wanderer who hears another human voice and heads out to investigate. The player is supposed to meet a variety of characters, engage in missions, and capture animals in this thriving expedition.

Terminator: Survival

Terminator: Survival is a card battle game based on the smash hit movie franchise. As a player, you have to collect cards, build a deck, and headstart a battle against Skynet.

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