Tired Of Multiple Online Meeting Platforms Zoom Rooms And Google Meet Come Up With This Unique Solution


New Delhi: Professionals, students struggling to alternate online meetings on Google Meet and Zoom can take a sigh of relief. Those who use these platforms extensively for attending sessions and meetings online will no longer have to deal with the hassle of separate applications. Google has announced to run Meet on multiple platforms including Zoom, later this year in 2022. Devices with Zoom Rooms and Google Meet will both be able to join Google Meet meetings, either directly from the calendar of a Zoom Room or by entering a meeting code, the technology giant said in a blogpost.Also Read – Google Slapped with Rs 1,337.76 Crore Fine for Anti-competitive Ways | Details Here


On all ChromeOS- based Meet devices, Zoom interop will be available, and support for more items would come later. On all platforms, Google Meet interop will be enabled in all Zoom Rooms. Interop for registered devices can be enabled by administrators, allowing trusted devices to join cross-platform calls without knocking. Also Read – Your Google Meet Calls Can Soon Be Transcribed Into Text. Here’s How You Can Access The File

The company stated, “In the hybrid workplace, organisations are struggling to connect their conference rooms to colleagues in different organisations due to platform interoperability challenges.” Also Read – Google Manager Held Hostage, Forced To Marry Girl In Bhopal

“To help overcome this, we have been working to give customers as much flexibility as possible to connect with people within and outside their networks,” adds Google.

The first two video conferencing partners to offer Meet for Android-based appliances will be Poly and Logitech. Notably, customers who already own Android-based Poly or Logitech devices will be able to utilise their investment and switch to Meet by simply purchasing a Meet licence for these devices.


Meanwhile, Google is reportedly working on a new tool that will allow Chrome users to snooze unused tabs. This will help free up memory on your computer to use for other applications. Android Police reports that a new Performance page has been in the settings menu in Chrome’s latest Canary build by a Reddit user. The build contains toggles for two new features – Memory Saver and Energy Saver mode.

The memory saver mode will hibernate tabs that the user has not touched in a while. We all know that opening multiple tabs in Chrome consumes a lot of memory, slowing down the computer. With the new Google Chrome feature, users will be able to snooze tabs that are not in use.

When a user revisits a snoozed tab, they will see a pop-up revealing how much RAM has been freed for other tasks. Sharing a screenshot for the Memory Saver mode, the report explains that the inactive tabs will reactivate when a user visits them again.


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