This macOS app aims to keep track of all searched content


This macOS app aims to keep track of all searched content

A macOS app called “Rewind” has launched a search engine that will enable users to find anything they’ve seen, said, or heard on their Mac system, i.e., a history that can be searched for future references.

Rewind AI, founded by Dan Siroker and Brett Bejcek, aims to help people with memory. The app will record everything that happens onscreen, and users can quickly go back in time to see what was shown or said to them.

Dan Siroker said in his tweet that the inspiration to build Rewind came from an unlikely place.

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“I started to go deaf in my 20s. When I turned 30, a hearing aid changed my life. To lose a sense and gain it back again feels like gaining a superpower. Ever since that moment, I’ve been on a hunt for ways technology can augment human capabilities and give us superpowers,” he tweeted.

The app offers great ‘Compression’ as storing all the recordings locally means compression is very important.

“We compress raw recording data up to 3,750x times without major loss of quality. For example, 10.5 GB of raw recording data becomes 2.8 MB,” said Dan Siroker.

Also, it enables users to search for anything they’ve said or heard during ‘Meetings’, as the company uses state-of-the-art Automated Speech Recognition (ASR).

This will allow the app to capture the content of the meeting, including everything that is said and everything that is shared visually, making all content searchable.



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